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Special License for Fitness Instructors
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Title:  Special License for Fitness Instructors CHOOSE CURRENCY
Price:   $ 24.99
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Item:  License Agreement

Special License for Fitness Instructors

- a Price Friendly License Allow Any Fitness Professionals to Use Any of Our Films for Their Classes at Multiple Locations.

This license allows you to:

* Edit to your own preferences and change the audio track or add logos to the videos.

* Freely show a video in any public place with your presence on the location.

* Broadcasting is prohibited by any means (internet, social networks or any other mass media), but you're welcome to embed our previews via Vimeo share option which does not require a license.

* This license does not need to be renewed but is non-transferable to another instructor.
* You must buy one license for every video track or episode you wish to use.

* The videos are not for resale but can be copied or transferred to another storage device but not to another instructor.

If you are ready to purchase a film with license, please contact us to complete the transaction.
When your payment has been completed you will be sent an invoice by email which will show the films(s) and the license(s) purchased.
Our invoice and your payment transaction will serve as proof that the license has been purchased.
You should print out both the invoice and this page for your records. No further documentation will be provided.

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