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Nature Walk - 3 Virtual Walks in Mangroves, Tropical Waterfalls, and Beaches.

Explore the National Parks of South Thailand. Walk through wild mangroves with magical emerald rivers, ponds, and waterfalls and visit stunning tropical beaches.
Say 'hi' to turtles, playful monkeys, and elegant birds. Be amazed by mesmerizing aerial views over the stunning natural landscapes with fresh green vegetation.

All this magic comes with soothing nature sounds, recorded on location. It’s the next best thing to being there yourself.

Enjoy your workout, enjoy your life!

Stunning Video! The scenery makes an hour long walk on the Treadmill so enjoyable.
- Rfinnshw

This is a great DVD for using your treadmill but it's also great for just laying on the couch when you want to relax. I love the beautiful scenery through the forest trails with the sounds of the birds and monkeys and crickets. And the views of the water and waterfalls are breathtaking. This video is especially great for someone like me that doesn't really get to travel and you still get to see all of the beautiful scenery of other places. And the views of the beaches and the crystal clear water is just beautiful. Just a wonderful way to relax or take a nice walk on your treadmill.
- Regina Butler


Love it! Just like taking a boardwalk nature walk through a jungle, including stops to look at beautiful scenery, waterfalls, and wildlife. I could watch this every day and never get bored with it. I don't even remember that I'm walking on the treadmill. Awesome!
- Bumble6

Great couch-potato hiking!

I have a number of Tony's Relaxation-Nature videos and this is a little bit different. There are a few people shown. But I really like this video. It's like walking through the tropics. There are three films: 1) :24 minutes through heavier jungle growth, rock walls along side the path, and some unusual creeks. 2) :21 minutes along beaches and tidal flats. And 3) :19 minutes in more open jungle and more creeks. The camera stops at some scenic spots and also shows monkeys, birds, and a few other animals. The video quality is excellent. Even when the camera moves close by tree trunks, there are no distortions. All shot in scenic areas of Thailand.
- Robert G

This DVD features walks through National Parks in South Thailand. Walk I takes you through a tropical mangrove forest on a narrow boardwalk. A creek runs alongside and criss-crosses the path and small waterfalls abound. You stop periodically to view wildlife and the sounds of wildlife accompany you throughout.
In Walk II you travel along a wide beach at low tide. You see shore birds hunting for food in the tidal flats and fishing boats grounded along the shore. Your hear gently breaking waves as you walk. As you near the end of the walk the tide is coming back in and you walk along the narrowing beach and in the shallow water as the water returns.
Walk III takes you through a different part of the mangrove forest. Here you dodge trees that bend over the boardwalk or have grown right through it (unbelievable how the videographers keep the camera steady). You see a variety of monkeys along the way as you hear bird and wildlife sounds along the way.
This and other World Nature Videos make my treadmill workouts much more fun.
Anthony Kizlauskas

Review: Nature Walks - Tropical Scenery
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