Title:  Tropical Cascades 4K CHOOSE CURRENCY
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Item:  Duration: 2 hours 26 minutes

4 K Tropical Cascades with Sounds of Waterfalls and Jungle Ambience

Gorgeous crystal clear scenery of Tropical Waterfalls in the Island of Bali, Indonesia.
See the waterfalls up close, from far and from the air.

The video tracks all come with natural sounds to give you a more relaxing and realistic experience.
This 4 K Tropical Cascades with a short 20 min 4 K film of an ambient calming mix of the Waterfalls of Bali with a Dolby Surround relaxing music audio track with rainbows aerial shots over the waterfall and also an amazing slow-motion scenery of streams and waterfalls.

The Main Movie is a one hour movie in glorious 4 K UHD with Long scenes of Arial and Slow Motion scenery of Waterfall and Streams and ultra slow motion of crashing waterfalls with spay and waterdrops.
Comes with the sounds of water and the song of tropical birds.

The Bali Zen Waterfalls 4K video tracks are a poetic meditative mix of breathtaking slow-motion waterfalls scenery with Dolby Surround relaxing music.
The 4 static scenes filmed in 4 K are 10 min long waterfalls and are beautiful and razor sharp with vivid colors come with HQ sound for a truly realistic experience.


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