Title:  Cat TV - Bird Safari CHOOSE CURRENCY
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Item:  Duration: 3 hours 43 minutes

Cat TV - Bird Safari

High-Quality entertainment for your cat with an exciting stimulating visual natural images filmed by the Ambient Collection studios. 

Bird Safari takes your cat a visual stimulating journey through several Safari environments and several Bird Parks all filmed with High-End Canon Cinema Camera and Lenses and professional audio equipment’s same we use in our Nature Films.

The Download has 6 themes with funny and exciting images of Tropical Birds, Squirrels, Monkeys, Water Birds and much more.


This DVD may have been produced with cats in mind, but this human loved it as well. I also highly recommend it for your pet birds!!! There are 6 segments for your cat to enjoy. You can choose to loop one segment continuously or play all. You know your cat best (but does anyone REALLY know what cats are thinking??) so decide if he would enjoy ambient nature sounds or classical music (mostly Chopin with a smidge of Beethoven). Recorded in stunning HD, the colors are amazing. Segment 1 may bring out the predator in your cat with its ambient bird is like looking out a window at a bird feeder. Segment 2 features birds bathing and building nests. Paired with classical music, this somehow reminded me of the silent films of the early 1900s. Segment 3 features wildlife, and when viewed with its well scored and edited classical music, the meercats are comically Chaplin-esque! There is other wildlife as well...portions of this segment had this viewer laughing out loud. Segment 4 is very peaceful wild life viewing, segment 5 features waterfowl and segment 6 is birds at a lovely stone birdbath. The audio is customizable in the "play all" function with either ambient sounds or classical music. If you choose to loop just one segment, sections 3 and 4 offer the additional option of cat sounds...I'm not sure how your cat will like be the judge. I hope purchasers will share videos of their cats' reactions to this DVD!

Review: Cat TV - Bird Safari
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