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Item:  Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes
Virtual Canoe Journey in Bird Lake with Binaural and Natural Sounds

Imagine going to a peaceful lake and float near water lilies and see and hear many waterbirds. Some of them are so close they just sit right in front of you.

The 3 videos are filmed in the tropics where you can see also fisherman with old fishing techniques.
All videos come with binaural and natural water sounds.

Please note 1 video is in the 1080P HD format.


The first segment is a leisurely row on a beautiful lake, just off shore. Check out the curious calf in the water. You are surrounded by marshland and cabins and the birds are singing and chirping. As you venture farther away from shore there are sailboats to keep you company as you listen to the peaceful lapping of the waves around you on this gorgeous sunny day. Nineteen minutes later you arrive back at the dock feeling both physically and mentally refreshed.
The second 43 minute leg of this journey offers a faster pace. The water is deeper and bluer as you head toward the volcanic mountains in the distance. As the gulls fly overhead with puffy clouds behind them, you are joined by fellow boaters. You can't help but chuckle, as you make your way through the buoys, and wonder why those distant mountains don't seem to be getting any closer!! Keep moving! That orange coastline will indeed get closer and the trees will begin to look bigger. As you close in on your mountain, the scene transitions and you pass by docks and tiny boathouses. There is a GINORMOUS (is that a word?) sun to starboard setting behind the hills. Although you have been told to never look directly at the sun...Tony's lens affords you that pleasure. This star is now dead ahead as the light begins to fade.
The final minutes find you back at a more leisurely row from shore through seaweed and lotus fields where statuesque birds wait for a tasty morsel to swim by. You can really hear your oars dipping in the water in this peaceful place. The hills in the distance are lush and green. Life is slower here and you can savor every moment. Don't miss a colony of egrets as they all take off at once. The final 2 minutes of this video will be audio only.

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