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Item:  Duration: 1 hour 16 minutes

Relaxing Nature DVD to Help You Unwind and Meditate 

This unique nature dvd gives you the opportunity to explore stunning mangroves, green rainforests, tranquil lakes, unspoilt rivers and refreshing tropical waterfalls.
Perfect for a relaxing evening at home, with a good book or a diner party with friends or family.
The peaceful images of nature are also a unique natural decoration and eye-catcher in your interior: at home, at the office or in a public space like wellness & spa centre, waiting room, restaurant or bar.

Pure Relaxation with Inspiring & Soothing Music

A journey on wide open rivers, past mangroves, under over-hanging trees and through tropical landscapes, all accompanied by soothing music. 

Meditative Soothing Scenes with Rainforest Sounds

​enjoy the relaxing slowly-changing scenes of palm trees and clear, green rivers and waterfalls emerging from the jungle vegetation of asia. The rainforest sounds further enhance the natural experience. 

Four Natural Decoration Tracks: Moving Paintings

The natural decoration tracks each show a different tropical waterfall in a rainforest setting, surrounded by lush green plants and flowers or cascading into turquoise pools, all with the refreshing sound of the water. 

HD Quality

This relaxing nature dvd is recorded with hd cameras and the highest quality professional sound recording equipment.
All tracks are programmed to repeat automatically or use the play all function. 

Review: Mangrove River Journey Tropical Waterfalls with Nature Sounds
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