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Title:  Relax Your Dog CHOOSE CURRENCY
Price:   $ 9.95
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Item:  DVD, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo, Approx. Duration - 60 Minutes

If you love dogs you will love this DVD - Relax Your Dog.

Is a poetic mix aimed to relax your dog as well as yourself.

The film starts with warm sunrise scenery of gracious looking dogs in the forest and other natural scenery, then we move to the day where we have lots of fun with our dogs playing on the beach, go swimming, and doing many more dog - loving activities captured by professional cameras, after a hard day having fun, we all get sleepy, and the film show this in a dog-loving way, super cute dogs get there hard needed naps and watch yourself you may be so relaxed after this dvd you will have a peaceful sleep yourself.

DVD loops automatically, so for when you gone went this dvd will keep your dog calm and well entertained.
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Relax Your Dog    

This is a very interesting DVD - especially if you are a dog. I recently viewed it with my six month old Scottish Terrier, Lily. I put her on my lap and hit "play". Much to my surprise she recognized immediately that she was watching a video of dogs - even without any sound cues like barking, she clearly knew exactly what she was seeing. At first she became VERY excited with the images on the screen. She gave the video her full attention - ears up, very alert! It took about 10 minutes for her to settle down, but she was still completely attentive. Once she became comfortable with what she was viewing, she started to relax quite a bit. We watched 30 minutes and took a break. A couple hours later I noticed Lily was very wound up and frustrated because it was raining, and she couldn't go outside and play so I decided to let her watch the rest of the video instead. This time, the video had a very calming effect on her. I think the slow motion images and close up shots have a strong appeal to her canine senses. I noticed she was still alert, but very quiet now, and clearly enjoying the video very, very much. All of this was a huge surprise to me since I've never known that a dog could "understand" something displayed on a video screen. I am actually very thankful for this video - next time she starts "acting up" I'll let her watch the DVD. The effect on Lily is absolutely amazing!!
Kirsten B

As the sun is rising, the birds are singing and the relaxing music begins…..and our beloved dogs are starting their days! Everything we love about dogs is in this DVD. In the beginning, handsome canines are enjoying the sunshine and contemplating whatever it is that dogs contemplate. As the day rolls on, dogs are just being dogs. Some are serious at work, (but loving being “on the job”,) some are playing and frolicking, all are happy. You will laugh out loud more than once while watching this video. (Be warned not all of the dogs are of the canine variety…you’ll see…) The cuteness factor is over the top… the video winds down, our pups are settling in for a nap after a fun day of adventure. Grab your bff (best furry friend), settle in, and spend a fun hour together with this DVD!

Review: Relax Your Dog
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