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Title:  Virtual Cycle Rides - Barcelona, Spain CHOOSE CURRENCY
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Virtual Cycle Rides - Barcelona, Spain - A Treadmill and Fitness Exercise Videos for Indoor Workouts with Music.

Cycle through the beautiful capital of Catalonia in Spain.
Discover Barcelona, be impressed by the seaside of the city and marvel at beautiful palm trees while walking on promenades along the beach.
See the most wonderful places of this amazing city and feel the sun on your skin.
Enjoy the magic of this impressive city at the Mediterranean Sea and get stunned by the many sights such as the Montjuïc Communications Tower which has been built for the Olympic Games.

Ride All Over Barcelona, Spain With Music to Keep You Going
These virtual traveling videos are perfect to play during your cardio workouts at home or in a fitness center. The uplifting music motivates you even more.


This video makes me remember my trip to Barcelona. All my memories come alive in these really great scenes with sunshine and all the best sights and places of this beautiful city. Really some great shots and a good addition to my collection.

I've been to Barcelona a few times so wanted this footage to edit my own 'guided' treadmill training video. Barcelona is a bustling, cosmopolitan seaside city brimming with beautiful architecture and in this video, you get a great tour of many of the sights especially around the marina and beaches. Also, if you like people watching then this video is definitely for you.

The footage quality is excellent and the routes followed are obviously well thought out which ensures there is always something interesting to watch on screen and the video is a great distraction while exercising indoors.
Alan H

As the upbeat electronic music begins, you embark on a ride beneath a cloudless sky. There is a LOT to look at here, be careful not to fall in to the subway entrance! The trip through Barcelona is pretty but fragmented...locations and scenes change frequently. For some this may be a bit disruptive to their mental workout "zone"....you are traveling along a route and all of a sudden the route changes, albeit to an equally lovely spot. There is a lot of congestion here, both pedestrian and vehicular that could be the reason. That being said, the plazas, carnival rides and architecture of Barcelona are all enchanting and fun. The ride along the shore at dusk is very, very pretty.
Segment 2 offers a more continuous experience. The simple electronic beat continues as you tour around the area of the communications tower- it is nearly deserted and fascinatingly futuristic... like something off the set of Stargate. The smattering of people and the pink and white pavers give this leg of your adventure a feeling of openness. As you journey on to a tree lined path your relaxing jaunt takes you through a meticulously maintained park with interesting water features and palm trees.
Segment 3 picks up the pace on a palm tree lined bike path as you follow the sandy shoreline of the picturesque Mediterranean Sea. You can feel the warm ocean breezes and you may find yourself a bit envious of those folks relaxing seaside as you zip by. Continue on and as dusk ensues you will revisit a few scenes from segment 1; as night falls you are back on your beautifully illuminated tree lined bike path and finish your workout on the plaza after dark.
In the "play all" mode, this DVD runs about 70 minutes...a thorough workout!

Review: Virtual Cycle Rides - Barcelona, Spain
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