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Title:  Virtual Cycle Rides - Madrid, Spain CHOOSE CURRENCY
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Virtual Cycle Rides - Madrid, Spain - A Treadmill and Fitness Exercise Videos for Indoor Workouts with Music.

Discover Madrid, the capital of Spain in sunny Southern Europe. Start your tour in one of the largest parks in Madrid, the Parque Del Buen Retiro. 
See wonderful vegetation, artificially created lakes and famous monuments.
You’ll get to enjoy the Royal Palace of Madrid and the central place of the city, the Plaza Mayor with its charming flair. 
You can ride along the river Manzanares and get to know the natural side of Madrid. Take a nice evening ride through the busy city with its wonderful lights in the dark.

Ride All Over Madrid, Spain With Music to Keep You Going
These virtual traveling videos are perfect to play during your cardio workouts at home or in a fitness center. The uplifting music motivates you even more.


This video makes me feel like I am on vacation. I have never been to Madrid before, but using this video make me feel like I have been. Great weather, really nice architecture, a clear blue sky. It makes my workout much more fun, especially with the music. It just motivates me to keep on cycling.

With over 100 minutes of high quality footage, this is an excellent way to gain a feel for this regal city. The videos focus on the city centre by day and by night, the spotless, leafy parks and various paths and trails alongside Madrid's waterways. It also drops in to take a look at various famous sights including the Royal Palace, Plaza Mayor and El Retiro Park.

The video cleverly shows just how the 'feel' of a city can change at night, visiting some of the same spots for a second time and the atmosphere seems transformed by the traditional lighting. One particular shot of an alley leading into a small up-lit square is fantastically filmed with the lighting casting impressive shadows.

As I'll be using the footage as an indoor exercise video I struggle for a personal highlight with El Retiro's magnificent fountains, statues and relatively quiet tree lined paths vying with the gently undulating paths alongside the city's canals and river. Both are ideal for when using a treadmill or indoor bike.
Alan H

Segment 1 begins on a cloudless day in an astonishingly beautiful park. Even though you are in Spain, the phrase "joie de vivre" comes to mind. Your spirits lift as soon as you begin. Trees, shrubs, monuments....this place is heaven! For this reviewer, there is unfortunately one huge disappointment. The soundtrack is not the ambient sounds of nature...birds, waterfalls, laughter...it is an electronic beat that detracts from the tranquility; there seems to be such a discrepancy between the quiet beauty of the park and what should be a respectful reverence to so many monuments. BUT, this is, after all, a workout DVD, and there are many who prefer this very type of background. I really can't say enough good things about the loveliness of the cinematography. Be sure to keep an eye out for the bride passing by....
Segment 2 continues to take us through what has to be one of Spain's most beautiful places. The scenes switch now and again, but it is not disruptive as you feel as though you don't want to miss a thing! You may find yourself leaning to the side to keep from whacking your head on the trees along the river. As you pass through the plaza, it is fun to read the signs on the shops...perhaps a bit of retail therapy after the workout? As in segment 1, the soundtrack is electronic workout music, so we don't get to hear the sounds of the street musicians and of the bustle of the area. Mute this if you wish, and choose your own playlist or investigate some of the exciting works of Manuel de Falla or Spanish classical guitarist/composer Fernando Sor.
Segment 3 begins at dusk and is a thoroughly enjoyable journey down a busy boulevard. It is wonderful to enjoy the sites and not have to worry about the traffic! As night falls, the lights of the boulevard and plaza illuminate your way. In "play all" mode, this DVD runs about 68 minutes...a very solid workout!

Review: Virtual Cycle Rides - Madrid, Spain
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