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Title:  Tropical Bird Safari CHOOSE CURRENCY
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Relaxing Download - Bird Safari - Tropical Birds and Wildlife Scenery with Relaxing Music or Nature Sounds

This download is filmed with Cinematic Cameras in 1080p HD in the Famous Keoladeo National Park in India, formerly known as Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. 
The park is a preferred choice by many photographers from all over the world. With over 370 bird species, the Indian park is regarded as a “bird paradise”.
Our main movie is a merge of all video tracks. 
Other calming video loops are filmed as if you were looking out of a window and they come with local nature sounds to enhance a realistic experience. 
There are soothing scenes are filmed with a twist to add more variety. Ideal for lounge, waiting rooms and so on.

Sounds of Nature Recorded on Location
All this magic comes with soothing nature sounds, recorded on location. It’s the next best thing to being there yourself.


I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the use of this DVD, after obtaining the appropriate permissions and licensing, in all medical offices! It should be used in ALL waiting areas for that matter, instead of loud televisions...In medical offices, I would expect the use of this to allay fears and anxieties as well as lower patients' blood pressures. The scenes are that calming...
This DVD consists of a 30 minute "movie", 5 pond scenes and a segment of "soothing scenes". The movie takes place from sunrise to sunset and features grazing deer, monkeys ,colorful birds, waterfowl and sleepy eyed owls, to name a few. The music is very relaxing. Other than a few birds fishing, there are no predator/prey interactions to disrupt the serenity. As usual, Tony's stunning cinematography doesn't disappoint.
There are 5 pond scenes that replicate looking out a window or relaxing on a bench by the shore. The camera is stationary and you are simply watching and relaxing...ducks, geese, a few grazing animals..the sounds of nature prevail here and all is right with the world. In the final segment, the soothing scenes are just that...soothing...as the day comes to a close, the sun sets....absolutely beautiful.
Pick and choose what you view or play all in a continuous loop. No matter how you view it, it is fantastic!

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