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Virtual Cycle Rides - Jaipur, India - A Treadmill and Fitness Exercise Videos for Indoor Workouts with Music.

Go on a wonderful cycle ride through the capital of the Indian state of Rajasthan.
Enjoy the beautiful colors of Jaipur, which is also named the pink city of India.
Ride on the busy streets with many moped riders and cars to the impressive Amer Fort.
This famous fort, located on a hill, looks amazing when its red sandstones are illuminated by the sun.
Continue your bike ride through the typical Indian city and get to know the busy life on the streets while joining locals and tourists.

Ride All over Jaipur, India with Music to Keep you Going
These virtual traveling videos are perfect to play during your cardio workouts at home or in a fitness center. The uplifting music motivates you even more.


As someone who has used various footage from World Nature Video’s Virtual Cycle downloads to create and edit my own ‘guided’ treadmill workout videos, the first thing to comment on is the consistently high image quality. The footage of Jaipur is every bit as good as I have come to expect and is extremely smooth and I also really appreciate the fact it is available pretty much raw and unedited. As a result, I’m not having to work with someone else’s favourite effects, colour grading or transitions and I can edit based on my own requirement and preferences.

Jaipur looks an amazing place and I never expected to be running on a treadmill ‘virtually’ sharing a road with camels and elephants. As you’d expect you don’t get that in the Paris or Barcelona videos. Talking about the roads they seem simply manic, noisy and crowded with motorbikes and rickshaws as well as the afore mentioned animals. I certainly wouldn’t want to cycle or run on them in real life. The footage in the park is the total opposite though and is relatively tranquil with groups enjoying a leisurely stroll, children playing and generally relaxing.

I was taken by how friendly the people were throughout the video, with regular waves, smiles and high five’s and, it has to be said, some of the elaborate architecture filmed and views across the surrounding hills are simply stunning.

Although perhaps not a candidate for a guided treadmill workout video, if you are looking for something to watch to distract yourself while using a treadmill or indoor bike then it will certainly do the job. If you want a taste of the sights and sounds of Jaipur without overly sanitised editing and someone else’s narrative then I’d strongly recommend it.
Alan H

In the first of 3 segments, you travel along a busy thoroughfare as you make your way to Amer Fort. Be on the lookout for a family of monkeys as you near the parking lot. The accompanying disco/funk sound track may not appeal to everyone, but it WILL pace your workout if that is something you are looking for. Move on to the extensive outer walls of the fort, where the hazy brown vistas are anything but beautiful, but they are fascinating to observe. You are not alone here...many others are visiting as well. The bustling market area is an environment many of us would see no other way than in this virtual video. Segment 2 is accompanied by ambient sounds only as you blend in with so many different modes of transportation....bikes, buses, cars, camels, elephants.......here you will catch a glimpse of the daily lives of some of India's citizens, such a congested area! You will be grateful that someone else is doing the driving so you can observe the sights and sounds around you, many more than you can absorb in a single visit. Segment 3, paired with a fun, upbeat sound track offers a relaxing jaunt through the park. It is a welcome respite for nerves possibly frazzled by the congestion in segment 2! Travel back along the waterfront and end at night with a lovely illuminated drive to your final destination. This DVD is over an hour (probably about 70 minutes..) so if you run the entire video you will get quite a workout!!

Review: Virtual Cycle Rides - Jaipur India
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