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Title:  4K Tropical Birds and Butterflies CHOOSE CURRENCY
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4k Tropical Birds and Butterflies with Classical Music from the Masters - Mozart, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Bach

A 1-hour poetic film with many tropical birds portraits elegant scenes of swans and flamingos.
Also dream away with beautiful cinemaphotography of butterflies and colourful flowers.

The film is made with High End 4K canon Cinema Camera Lenses to ensure the optimal sharpness and color.

This film is very beautiful to watch in your house but it also can be used in many environments for creating a calming atmosphere and it is best enjoyed on 4k UHD TV or Screens.


The movie portion of the DVD begins with serene shots of colorful tropical birds backed by the music of Chopin. Much of the filming here was done in slow motion. Birds are inherently comical and some of the footage made me laugh out loud. It is simply birds doing what they do....splashing in a birdbath, preening, weaving nests (this is particularly fascinating to watch!) Some of the birds exhibit dazzling colors while others are equally beautiful wearing their snow white plumage. Watch for the ONE mammal that makes a cameo appearance.....butterflies, flowers and even a few insects also star in this movie. This is another of Tony's videos that, with appropriate licensing, offices should have in their waiting rooms...it is so relaxing! I can also envision educators using this with young students...encouraging them to draw what they see in a single screen shot or even to caption screen shots. The possibilities are endless! The movie is about 55 minutes long.
The bird feeder portion of the DVD is 52 minutes of looking out your window at birds at a bird feeder or birdbath. It is extremely relaxing and enjoyable to watch birds bathing and dining while listening to their twittering and gleeful chirping. Many of their antics are quite comical! I highly recommend this; it will most certainly lift your spirits!

Review: 4K Tropical Birds and Butterflies
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