Fireplace Vivid - Brightest and Longest Fireplace
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Title:  Fireplace Vivid - Brightest and Longest Fireplace CHOOSE CURRENCY
Price:   $ 19.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Duration - 180 minutes

Fireplace screens – brighter than ever!

This fireplace HD DVD shows six videos of the most stunning fireplaces you have ever seen. We added more light to the fireplace scenes to create an even brighter and more realistic experience.

With six different videos you can choose the fireplace and soothing sounds options which suits you and the occasion best.
Choose a warming fire that burns from start to end. Watch the soft flames turn into a roaring fire and end with romantic glowing embers. Or create an instant warmth in your living room with an ongoing roaring and romantic fire.
Sit back, relax and enjoy the most realistic fireplace videos you have ever seen!

Fireplace sounds and peaceful music

Some tracks are complemented by relaxing piano music of classical masters Bach, Chopin, Beethoven and Tsjaikovski, others with the soothing sounds of roaring flames and crackling wood.
The flickering flames and peaceful music perform a perfect choreography.

HD videos – Quality

This DVD has been recorded with professional HD cameras and professional sound recording equipment to give you a perfect realistic experience.
Dispatched within:  2 business days
Fireplace Vivid - Brightest and Longest Fireplace    


" Love Fireplaces! "

I love fireplaces!!! Three! Each disc has 2 fireplace choices and all can be played with fireplace sounds as well as music. I usually want the fireplace sounds, there's just something to be said about a crackling fire. I love how the fireplace scenes take up the whole TV screen yet have the full view of the bottom and top of the fireplace scenes. Ready for winter weather so I can cozy up and feel warmer with the view and sounds of the crackle. Love it!
-- Danni

The wood burning fireplace has become too messy. I haven't had a "real" fire in years. Vivid fireplace is an awesome DVD with many choices of realistic fires. I use the fire sound most but have also used the music choice. Great DVD. Great buy.
-- The Moore's

This DVD set has six different fire for selection. You have the choice between classical piano music and natural sounds of the fire. Normally I prefer the fire noise, but I also like the famous classical music very well here. These DVDs are a great alternative to a real fire. The crackling sounds of logs are so realistic that I have the feeling that I have a real fireplace and that I feel the heat. I also like observing the spraying of the sparks that can be admired up close here. With this DVD you can have a cozy evening at home.
-- Rita

Great Fireplace videos!

Fireplace videos are amongst my favorites, right up there after nature ones. This 3 DVD set has extremely sharply filmed fires, and I love listening to the crackling and popping of a real fireplace. The music on all three is really nice, but it doesn’t beat the natural sounds of fireplaces. Since it’s summer, I don’t ordinarily play fireplace DVDs now, I wait until it’s cold outside. Then I REALLY appreciate them. It almost makes you feel warmer. The photography is excellent and the fire covers the entire TV screen which makes it even better. It really looks like you’re watching an actual fireplace in your house! Great DVDs!
-- northcountry2

Natural and amazingly beautiful. Perfect for a romantic evening with your wife or for a quiet family/friends get-together in the living room. So real that you almost forget it's a DVD! Delightful.
Bala Balakrishnan

"Very beautiful But it is a metal fireplace so you do ..."

Very beautiful
But it is a metal fireplace so you do have a bit of an echo, not the pure sound of a brick fireplace
-- Carol K.

Beautiful, relaxing.
-- webtimedaley

"Wonderful! You almost feel the heat!"

Wonderful videos! They are very realistic. I love that it loops on its own. You can almost feel the heat. I love them!
-- Linda A. Zimmer

"Fireplace DVD"

Loved this DVD. Just what I needed.
-- Rita VanHentenryck

This is a relaxing video while reading.
-- T. Flight

Very happy with this purchase. Make my Christmas more happier
-- Yelena

"Love that it replays automatically"

Arrived quick. Love that it replays automatically. Fills the entire screen, so you if you have a large screen keep that in mind.
-- Lisa

"Wonderful DVD"

This Fireplace DVD was to give our christmas an old fashion feel. I no longer live in a home that has a fire place and wanted to get back some of that ambience. The DVD was absolutely wonderful and very realistic. We just loved it and I highly recommend this to all. It will be part of our Christmas every year from now on.
-- Dave W.

Review: Fireplace Vivid - Brightest and Longest Fireplace
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