Tropical Aquarium XXL
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Title:  Tropical Aquarium XXL CHOOSE CURRENCY
Price:   $ 15.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo, Approx. duration - 120 minutes

And you don’t have to worry about feeding the fish or changing the water. Change your tv into different bright, colourful tropical aquariums with this two disc dvd set.
Perfect for a relaxing evening at home or as a unique eye-catcher during a party or in a public space. Six stunning and diverse fish tank movies 
With six different fish tank movies and a great variety of audio options to choose from, you will always create the perfect ambiance.

1. TROPICAL SEA AQUARIUM - Enjoy the colorful, small fish dart through a stunning coral rock.
2. NIGHT AQUARIUM - Watch a magical spectacle of bright colored fish and corals against a deep black background. Pure relaxation!
3. CORAL AQUARIUM - The soft waving corals in all kinds of shapes and colours and the small fish that are searching for food provide a calming ambiance.
4. RED SEA AQUARIUM - Take a deep dive into the red sea and discover rad species of fish and spherical coral.
5. SOFT CORAL AQUARIUM - Join the beautiful yellow tang and blue tang fish while they are searching for food in the soft waving corals.
6. TROPICAL REEF AQUARIUM - Enjoy a tropical aquarium full of fish in all the colours of the rainbow and a stunning coral reef in the background. Truly a unique natural decoration in any environment.

All tracks can be played with calming piano music, ocean sounds or aquarium bubbles. 

The aquariums are filmed high quality professional cameras, to turn your television into a spectacular and realistic aquarium. There is no camera movement.
All tracks last 20 minutes before repeating automatically for a continuous aquarium on your television screen. The play all function allows you to play three aquariums in turn. 

ISBN:  646809738258
Dispatched within:  2 business days
Tropical Aquarium XXL    

The Tropical Aquarium XXL box contains six different aquariums. Each of the video is twenty minutes. In each aquarium you can select which sounds you want to hear. Wave sounds, bubbling or piano music are possible. My favorite video on Disc 1 is the night aquarium. It shows a large cut of an aquarium at night, which is very dark in part, in which you can almost only see the fish. This video is really relaxing, when you hear it with piano music. On the DVDs there is also a beautiful coral aquarium with colorful fish and a soft coral aquarium, where everything is bathed in glorious coral colors. On Disc 2, the Tropical Reef Aquarium is my favorite. There, the fish are all very colorful in pink, yellow and blue. I like this DVD set very much.
Rita, Germany

This is one of my favorite aquarium DVD sets. There is a total of six different aquariums to choose from that include lots of colorful tropical fish and backgrounds. I really enjoyed the diversity of the scenes and all the bright colored fish. There is a fish that looks like a rainbow and no matter how many times I look at this DVD, it still looks amazing.

The sound accompaniment can be aquarium bubbles, music or waves. The sounds are all high quality and well recorded. All the filming is clear and HD high color. There is no shaking or panning. It is as if you were watching your own tropical aquarium at your house.

I always like that the World Nature Videos/ISIS products don't just give you two or three minutes of a scene and then loop it. They give you at least ten minutes of a changing scene and then it loops.

There is even a night aquarium which is something unusual and beautiful. Love this set.
Lady Song

This 2-disc DVD set provides an incredible array of tropical sea, night, coral, Red Sea, soft coral, and tropical reef aquariums. You have your pick of piano music, bubbles, or waves to enhance the visual experience.

Disc one has the Tropical Sea, Night, and Coral aquariums. Both plants and fish are presented in an amazing variety of beautiful colors. It is like an underwater kaleidoscope unfolding for your senses. I especially enjoyed the Night aquarium as the interplay of light and shadow was enthralling.

Disc two has the Red Sea, Soft Coral, and Tropical Reef aquariums. Once again, both plants and fish are astounding. The colors are vibrant and appear to be in every hue possible. It is a treat for your eyes.

I think this DVD set is outstanding. They look wonderful on my HDTV and provide a totally relaxing atmosphere for either at home or in a waiting room setting. Without a doubt, this is one of my favorite aquarium DVD sets!
- Jeannine in Idaho

"Nice and relaxing to watch"

Loved these DVD's. Very relaxing.

-- W.Burton

"Beautiful, serene, realistic, faux aquarium"

Love it! Especially, the night time aquarium. I keep it playing constantly, because I use it as a substitute for a real aquarium. It’s so beautiful. Our family loved it so much when they were visiting and now they are going to order this too for their homes. We love the beautiful , natural bubble sounds with it the best. Makes it even more realistic! So peaceful, it can put me to sleep at night. 🐟💕😊. Best of all, no clean up and no expensive maintenance. The best of both worlds! 😊
-- zuccarino

Review: Tropical Aquarium XXL
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