Fireplace and Freshwater
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Title:  Fireplace and Freshwater CHOOSE CURRENCY
Price:   $ 15.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Duration - 120 minutes

Fireplaces and refreshing aquariums: a cosy and calming combination

With this DVD set you get all the benefits of a fireplace and an aquarium without the required maintenance. The HD videos are beautiful wallpapers in your living room or office and unique eye catchers in a public space.

Fireplace scenes: warming, cosy and romantic

Be amazed by a stunning choreography of flames set to mesmerizing compositions of Chopin. Or enjoy a fireplace with vivid colors and the soothing sounds of flickering flames and crackling wood. Both perfect for a superb romantic evening at home or to play during a dinner party. 

Fish tank videos: relaxing and refreshing

Enjoy two freshwater aquariums with colourful freshwater tropical fish. Watch small, playful fish dart through bright green water plants, corals and rocks and dream away with beautiful relaxation music.
Or choose a bright and rocky aquarium with amazing colourful fish and the calming sounds of real aquarium bubbles.

HD fireplaces and fish tanks

Both DVDs are recorded with professional HD cameras for crystal clear images and a realistic experience. All tracks repeat automatically or use the play all function.

Dispatched within:  2 business days
Fireplace and Freshwater    

This is an amazing value. There are other companies that offer single DVDs that cost more than this double set. Besides being a great value I was impressed with the vivid color and high quality sound whether I chose the lovely music, water sounds or the bubbly aquarium sound.

The second DVD is a choice of two bright colorful fires. One is a brighter fire with glowing orange flames. The other fire is a softer romantic fire that is great for relaxing. I like the fact that I can listen with the same lovely piano music as on the aquarium DVD or the realistic sounds of a crackling, glowing fire. Both fires burn down just like a real fire, too. This is a great set of DVDs!
-- Pamela Moorman

Love this set! The fireplace disc has a warm fire and a vivid fireplace scene or you can play them both looped together. You can choose fireplace sounds or music. I like fireplaces year round so I tend to play it with music during the warmer months and with the fireplace crackle sounds in the winter. Somehow the fireplace crackling seems to make a person feel warmer. I love fireplace scenes! The freshwater disc has 2 aquariums. There is different soothing music to each aquarium or you can choose bubbles or water sounds. I can't decide which aquarium is my favorite. I really love the aquariums and watching the different fish swimming around enjoying their time.
-- Danni

This DVD set had a great combination of fireplaces and aquariums. I used to want an aquarium years ago but never got one due to the high maintenance. The aquariums are great for no-maintenance and the bubbles sound like the filtering. Great buy!
-- Liam

This DVD set with two log fires and two aquariums is wonderful for relaxation. I really enjoy listening to the sounds of the water and also to the piano music which accompanies the videos. It really is great for relaxing. The beautiful warm colors of the fire with the dancing flames and the bright colors of the fish and the green of the aquatic plants are a beautiful background decoration in my living room. With the soothing piano music, the two DVDs are very well suited for a leisurely dinner with friends.
-- Alina

" Five Stars "

 Freshwater Aquarium... Absolute Magnificence!
-- Secret shopper

" Great value for money! "

Great value for money! The colors are so bright and vivid and the sound options are perfect. I love it that I can choose the right sounds and video for the mood I’m in or the company I’m with.
The Aquarium DVD has two refreshing and colorful aquariums with beautiful and playful fish. You can choose to play the videos with lovely music, water sounds or the bubbly aquarium sound.
The Fireplace disc offers one really bright fire with glowing orange flames and a softer, romantic fire. Both fires burn down completely ending with soft glowing embers, just like a real fire. The beautiful piano music is so relaxing that a special night is guaranteed. It’s also possible to play the videos with the real sounds of a crackling fire. It sounds weird, I know, but when I’m playing the fireplace videos it actually seems warmer in my living room.
-- Kim Asma

" Lovelt DVD Set "

Great value. Two DVDs with quality HD sharp imagery and brilliant color. Realistic sounds with two fires to choose from and two aquariums with colorful fish and plants. I enjoy watching the fires as they burn down like an actual fire would do. This would make a great background in a professional office instead of annoying talk shows or soap operas while your customers wait for their appointment.
-- LadySong

"beautiful ambiance!"

We love the fish DVD and we played the fireplace DVD during our Christmas Party! We and our friends totally enjoyed it!
-- Amazon Customer

mom loved it
-- Sherry L.

Review: Fireplace and Freshwater
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