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Title:  Sleep Clouds for Easy Sleeping CHOOSE CURRENCY
Price:   $ 12.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo, Duration - 65 minutes


Having trouble falling asleep? Let this DVD relax you and let all your tensions fade away. After a good night’s sleep, the world looks brighter. You deserve this! 
This DVD with three movies has everything you need for a relaxing life and profound, healthy sleep. The images of moving clouds, magical sunsets, soft shining stars and soothing journeys over impressive mountain tops make you forget your daily worries and deadlines.

The guided meditation by Jason Stephenson, ambient music by Simon Daum, special music (432Hz), brown noise, and nature sounds give you a peaceful mind, healing sleep and spiritual growth.

Your sleepless nights are over! Enjoy a healthy and beautiful life, full of energy.


One-year online membership to 4K and HD Relaxing films and a wide choice of nature sounds. You can claim your free membership on www.sleepsoundmachine.com by entering the code mentioned on the DVD.
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Sleep Clouds for Easy Sleeping    

There is a jewel on this Sleep DVD!

I need something to really help me relax in the evening at bedtime. I have many of the Ambient Collection DVD’s and watch and listen to them to try to relax. They do a good job and are always such beautiful photography.

I have always liked the “one size” doesn’t fit all approach to their collections. If you are not familiar, there is usually music (piano is my favorite) or various sounds and you can select what you like.

This DVD is no exception. I first listened to track 1- music. I did not care for it at all -it was not my kind of music and was not relaxing to me (but it may be to you!). 2nd and 3rd track- Wind 1 and Wind 2. Again, not my favorite but you may love it!

Then I got to track 4 – Guided Meditation. EUREKA! To tell you how effective it was – I was trying to take notes for my review and I found myself dozing off.

I loved the background music and the soft spoken voice helping to guide the meditation. Sometimes I closed my eyes as suggested but sometimes I just had to lose myself in the scenery. There was photography of clouds, oceans, sunsets, snowcapped mountains, shining stars, to name a few. Just beautiful!

Since I am recently widowed, there were things that were said that really spoke to me – visions of my future self was one I remember and another was giving myself a gift of healing. I know that can apply to many situations. Many of us have things we need to heal from and just losing yourself in this section of the DVD gives you time to remove yourself from the space you are in and go somewhere else. I found this calming to both my body and mind.

After the above mentioned tracks, if you click next which is under Guided Mediation, there are two more tracks – Rain and then Rain and Noise. Sometimes a nice rainstorm can be very relaxing. I will go back and listen to that next time before my mediation.

I will continue listening to my various Ambient Collection DVD’s but this will be at the top of my list for now.

Review: Sleep Clouds for Easy Sleeping
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