Scenery for Relaxation of Oceans with Marine Animals and Sea Life
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo, Approx. duration - 120 minutes
Dive into the ocean and encounter whale sharks, dolphins, manta rays and sea turtles
This nature and underwater dvd is perfect for a calm day at home and as a unique eye-catcher in your home, office, waiting room, health spa, restaurant or bar

Relaxing underwater movie and peaceful music
The main track (one hour!) takes you from the surface where you enjoy the sun-rays dancing through the water to the depth of the ocean. Truly a unique and magical experience.
Watch the dolphins play, be amazed by impressive whale sharks and swim along peaceful sea turtles.
The tiny seahorses, tropical fish and graceful jellyfish create a colourful spectacle in the deep blue ocean.
Six extra underwater and ocean movies
Enjoy six extra tracks (10 minutes) of underwater scenes and discover a great variety of ocean life.

Graceful yellow jellyfish in a stunning blue ocean
Tropical fish and colourful coral
A variety of fish and marine life in a deep blue ocean
Playful dolphins
Elegant luminescent white jellyfish
Tiny seahorses and colourful coral in a deep black ocean

Ocean sounds and peaceful music
The main track is complemented by beautiful peaceful music.
The six extra tracks in the natural decoration menu have three sound options:
Ocean sounds
Piano music
Ambient music

This nature and ocean dvd is recorded with the highest quality cinema cameras.
All tracks can be chosen individually and repeat automatically. Use the play all function to play all tracks in turn.

Special licensing small companies / non-profit use
This dvd is part of our ambient collection. Non-profit public screenings of this dvd, for instance in health spas, waiting rooms, restaurants and bars, are allowed, free of charge, on up to 4 tv screens.

Ocean Dreaming    

Absolutely beautiful footage.I suffer from bad anxiety and I put this DVD on everyday and my stress just melts away it is so calm and relaxing.Well worth the purchase.

Review of the Ocean DVD: Ocean Dreaming

I’m using the videos to enhance the spa like experience my chiropractic clinic offers. I’ve placed two 46 inch screens above eight massage roller tables. The videos have been a big hit. I can’t thank you enough.
Dr. Visentin, D.C.

Review of the Ocean DVD: Ocean Dreaming

Simply delightful. The images and the sound track are very relaxing. It’s hypnotic gazing at it.
Álvaro Ortega, Spain

Review of the Ocean DVD: Ocean Dreaming

Wonderful Ocean DVD, this is a beautiful dream made of scenes from the underwater wolrd. Escape for an hour from the days' struggle and glide Underwater with this beautiful Ocean DVD.
Beate, Artist

Review of the Ocean DVD: Ocean Dreaming

After The Living Ocean DVD my expectations fo rthis Ocean DVD were very high. I glad that I can say now I was more than satisfied when I received the DVD today and the contest was just beautiful. It it very different than the Living Ocean DVD, much calmer with m,or artistic views of the ocean and more mellow music. Also many scenes are filmed in mystical low light which I like a lot. So over all the DVd is really a dreamy journey through the Ocean and I just love this Underwater DVD. Thank you for another fantastic underwater product.
Harry, Netherlands

Review of the Ocean DVD: Ocean Dreaming

This underwater DVD is the perfect escape of our daily rat race. Sit back and relax with this dreamy Ocean DVD for an hour and forget about everything around you. Marvel at the fish and coral reefs and enjoy breathtaking views from the blue world.
Marion, Berlin

Review of the Ocean DVD: Ocean Dreaming

A fantastic Ocean dream on this Underwater DVD. This is the best Ocean relaxiation DVD in my entire collection. Thank you so much for this wonderful Underwater DVD.
Silja, Schweiz

Review of the Ocean DVD: Ocean Dreaming

Piece of art I would say. this Ocean DVD has everything the Underwater world has to offer. Thanks, I will be back for more.
Terry, U.S.A

Review of the Ocean DVD: Ocean Dreaming

It is great! The music well fits to your video.I find the seahorses especially nice.
You Tube Visitor

Review of the Ocean DVD: Ocean Dreaming

GREAT MELODIES AND STUNNING UNDERWATER CLIPS TO DREAMS AND RELAX, Dreams of another world. A masterpiece in every respect. Thumbs up***** I wish you a wonderful time and over a thousand moments of happiness.
You Tube Visitor

I am really enjoying this DVD. The film is set to nice music and I love watching all the sea creatures. The 6 natural decoration films are like having a beautiful aquarium in your home without the upkeep. I mostly enjoy listening to the piano music but depending on your mood, there is a choice of sea sounds and ambient music as well. This is a very enjoyable underwater film.

I used to always want an aquarium but after watching DVD's like this one I realized I can have the serenity of the underwater world in my home without the clean-up and maintenance of a real tank.

Review of the Ocean DVD: Ocean Dreaming

This DVD is just stunning. As the owner of quite an extensive collection (having bought quite a few from worldnaturevideo before), I just cannot compare it to anything else. The scenery is one thing but the gentle effects quite another. When you see the shoals of fish (thousands of sliver specs on screen) fighting against currents, or the colours of some of these creatures or the ocean bubbles superimposed on screen, you can't help but just be amazed. Love the music as well, which is quite rare where ambient dvd's are concerned... A must have.
Mr Ed - UK

Review of the Ocean DVD: Ocean Dreaming

Superb photography,
A most absorbing and relaxing watch.The photography is stunning and provides a wonderful picture of the undersea world of the Barrier Reef.
derick hodson

The editorial review on Amazon says "This film is visually stunning with underwater scenery and life seen in a unique and mesmerizing way:" That is EXACTLY right!! You get to see so much underwater sea life and marvel at their beauty and grace. You feel like you're right in the middle of everything and there's so much to see! I never get tired or bored while watching this wonderful DVD. Underwater is a whole other world and I'm glad we can see a glimpse of it for ourselves. Exceptional photography in my opinion too. I can't think of one bad thing to say about this video!
Carol L

I'm sincere, and the movie 'just nice, not trivial, different from the usual undersea works, hypnotic, each image is maintained, many original scenes,
nice relaxing music, in short recommend..... not regret it
Cinzia C.

"Great Dvd to put the kids to bed too"

Use for night time movie for the kids. Nice soft background music.
-- Mrs B

I watched this movie a few times and I think I think this is a very nice movie. Beautifully filmed & beautiful images of the underwater world. An ideal atmosphere / relaxation film to enjoy, especially on an evening when you do not want to have other things on your mind.

Review: Ocean Dreaming
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