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4K Underwater Fantasy

Underwater Fantasy is an amazing documentary by hugely talented local cinematographer Leo Tsao that utilizes stunning macro cinematography to explore the breath-taking seas and oceans of Southeast Asia.
All captured using professional video cameras, capable of picking out the smallest of details and delivering bright and vivid images.

Underwater Fantasy presents the magical underwater world which is home to some of the Earth's most exotic creatures and vibrant colored corals.

The complementary soundtrack for this film is a relaxing melodic guitar mix.


This DVD is about 40 minutes long and is positively amazing. While we have seen anemones swaying in the currents and colorful fish swimming by…we have not always seen the grains of sand on the shells of ocean inhabitants. This is truly up close and personal! The colors are vivid and the ocean life fascinating. Expect to laugh out loud as you view a ?shrimp with tan and white stripes that seems to be smiling and resting with its legs crossed….the cinematography is truly astonishing. The music is relaxing…you could use this DVD in any setting where quiet contemplation is necessary, but it also can stand on its own as a video that will capture and hold your attention.

Review: 4K Underwater Fantasy
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