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Flowers and Tulips DVD - Flowers of Holland in Spring Summer Gardens with Piano Music
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Title:  Tulips - Flowers of Holland CHOOSE CURRENCY
Price:   $ 4.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Duration - 75 minutes
Flowers of Holland is recorded at the world-famous Keukenhof in The Netherlands and the surrounding colorful flower fields. The stunning images and the peaceful music and soothing sounds of nature create a wonderful relaxing atmosphere. It's like a moving painting of beautiful colorful flowers, truly a unique natural decoration for any environment.

Enjoy spectacular displays of tulips in every color, shape and form imaginable, delicate daffodils from pure white to the deepest gold, plus a huge array of colorful mixed flowers. Two soothing scenes offer further relaxation with slowly-changing shots of fresh spring flowers and impressive bulb fields.

The four flower movies are complemented by peaceful music, composed by Simon Daum. The nature sounds that accompany the two tracks with slowly-changing images enhance the natural experience

Filmed with HD cameras for crystal clear picture quality and amazing detail, this DVD is a beautiful natural decoration, like a moving painting. All tracks are programmed to repeat automatically and the Play All function allows you to play all tracks in turn.
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Tulips - Flowers of Holland    Tulips - Flowers of Holland    

I love this DVD, the flowers are so beautiful and the music so relaxing and the sounds are so realistic I really like this because you can enjoy spring all year round. Today it is 4 degrees and feels like 2 below zero, I made sure I watched this DVD today.
-- Lonna, Pittsburgh, PA

I purchased Flowers of Holland. WOWSER! Absolutely beautiful. The photography, choices of scenes and accompanying music are perfect. I also purchased Spring, Summer, and Fall, but have not seen them yet. They will all be used near a nurses station at a nursing home as residents gather there prior to meals. I am anxious to see the other DVDs, but want to correlate them with the current season to help with orientation. Thank you so much. I believe my next purchase will be for exercise on my treadmill.
-- Carolyn, USA

We recently purchased the Holland Tulip DVD for our lobby. It is soothing, delightful to the eyes and very appropriate as we are a Dutch company, owned by Philips Netherlands. The built-in TV has ambient lighting which enhances the tulips!! Thank you for a great product. We are sure to purchase more for our lobby.
-- Helen T. Newton Direct Sales, Philips Lifeline - Home Monitoring

Received my DVD this afternoon. Just love it. The colors are so vibrant and the music is gentle and relaxing. I have DVDs from other sources, but those by Tony Helsloot are THE BEST.
D. Kilyan, Florida
-- Delight Kilyan

"Flower &Tulip DVD Beautiful!!"

I chose this rating as you get what you paid for. A relaxing, soothing,peaceful view of beautiful flowers!!
I will consider ordering more!!
-- valwoo

"Absolutely Gorgeous"

I purchased several of these Ambient Collection videos to help me fall asleep at night. This is my favorite. Absolutely gorgeous. Slow moving scenes of tulips and daffodils gently swaying in the wind, each scene more beautiful than the last.

I personally find the piano music irritating and there is a loud chirping bug that must be sitting on the mic in the 'natural sounds' loop (think dripping faucet), but turned down to a barely audible 'white noise' level, the sounds can soften the quiet.

The problem with using this video for sleep is that I find I want to stay awake to see the next gorgeous scene. At least I'm thinking about the beauty of the flowers instead of reviewing or anticipating real life activities.
-- HateToCook - Madison, AL, US

"Tulip Delight"

We are a Dutch-owned company running a 24/7 operation where customers visit regularly. We were looking to purchase DVD's which would be appropriate for our lobby as well as create a welcoming, relaxing environment. We purchased the "Holland Tulips" DVD and it's been playing daily - receiving huge compliments. The TV is equipped with ambient lighting, so combined with the beautiful tulips, it's W-O-W.
-- Helen N.

"This is an excellent DVD"

I love this DVD! it is all flowers..tulips, hyacinths, in the Holland fields . You have menu options to have either music playing, and the music is nice and relaxing, or just the sounds of nature..sounds like mostly birds twittering . the DVD goes in a continuous loop so you can have it on all afternoon .It makes a calm background for doing other activities like reading or knitting, or generally chilling out..
-- Liz Boyer


I received this DVD as a gift and cannot say how much I enjoy it. We had tulips in our garden when I was a child and when I watch this video I can almost smell them and feel transported back in time. The photography is beautiful and the music very gentle and soothing. This DVD can play in the background when you are reading or studying. Very relaxing.
-- Delight Kilyan

Beautiful and relaxing.
-- Mary D. Lee

Review: Tulips - Flowers of Holland
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