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Title:  Virtual Cycle Rides - Italian Tyrol CHOOSE CURRENCY
Price:   $ 4.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo, Approx. duration - 60 minutes
Tired of watching TV programs while you exercise? Then why not try a virtual trip amidst beautiful scenery with natural images and natural sounds?
Step on your stationary bike, home trainer or stair stepper and imagine feeling the wind in your face and breathing in the fresh air.

Experience three stunning virtual cycle rides through the beautiful scenery of South Tirol in Italy. 
A region full of contrasts that offers the perfect combination between stunning mountain scenery and the Italian La dolce vita.

Bolzano is famous for its fabulous wine routes, characterized by old wine hamlets and authentic Italian villages. 
Ride over meandering paths through the green vineyards while overlooking the green hills and a beautiful lake. 
South Tyrol has the largest fruit-growing area of Europe. Imagine yourself riding through the fresh green landscape full of apple trees you see the amazing Dolomites Mountains in the far distance. As you glide through the lush green forest while you enjoy the peaceful sound of birds. 
The Dolomites feature one of the most beautiful mountain sceneries in the world. Enjoy your ride up and down through woodlands while enjoying amazing views over the dramatic mountain peaks as you end your tour on a popular cycle track in Tyrolean Wine Road. 

Seniors and people who have Alzheimer disease can really benefit from our Virtual Cycle Ride DVDs. Several doctors have indicated that the movies stimulate the mind and help to relax. Nursing homes play the movies during exercises or just to create a calming ambiance.

This Virtual Cycle Ride DVD is complemented by the sounds of nature.

The DVD is recorded with the highest quality gyro-stabilized HD camera system to create a real life experience.
All tracks repeat automatically for an endless workout.
ISBN:  646809738098
Dispatched within:  2 business days
Virtual Cycle Rides - Italian Tyrol    


This review is from: Virtual Cycle Rides - Italian Tyrol - For Indoor Cycling, Treadmill and Running Workouts (DVD)

Wonderful DVD with sumptuous landscapes and birdsong. Few years ago I have had the chance to go to the Tyrol. With this video, I can relive this beautiful experience and I can remind good memories. This DVD can give you a great relaxation without having to move. You can also watch this DVD in exercising at home. Time will pass quickly and you will get the feeling that you have traveled.

Michele Morgan - Amazon.com

I received this DVD today and love it!! You ride (or walk/jog) along dedicated bike paths so there are no cars in sight. Just the occasional walker and a few others riding their bikes. The scenery is diverse, from vineyards, snow-capped mountains, pine forest, a river and so much more. The 3 x 20 min rides play continuously if you want, for a full hour workout. I like the nature sounds, but I also play my own music whilst riding. It's another wonderful film from this company!
Margarita - Brisbane, Australia

This DVD has 3 visually stunning journeys beginning with a variety of vineyards and fruit tree groves. It is a beautiful day, with incredible mountains stretching out ahead of you, a lake at their base, and a picturesque cloud-scattered sky above. Every once in a while you pass a small town or a few buildings with distinctly European architecture. On the third video you have made your way to a higher elevation with pine trees lining a path that winds along the side of a hill. Snow-capped mountains appear much closer and you can hear cuckoos in the distance. The entire DVD has the fewest transitions of any video of this type Iíve seen Ė and those that do occur are nearly seamless. You are always on a path with no vehicular traffic and only an occasional pedestrian or bicyclist. The view is smooth and straight, and although the pace is about that of a brisk walk, Iíve found it to be just fine for riding a spin bike hard and fast with separate music blasting.
Cliff Baker

In this DVD, I can exercise on my exercise bike fast and drive through the beautiful South Tyrol. With the wonderful countryside, the forests and vineyards, the partly snow-covered Dolomites in the background, working out is just a great experience. You get to know real Italian villages, cycle with a beautiful lake in the background and listen to the song of birds. Sometimes it goes up, then back down the mountain, everything is very peaceful and quiet. This DVD is well suited for a workout after a stressful day. You nearly can see nobody in the videos. Thus, you can concentrate on and enjoy the wonderful green landscape and the bright blue sky. This is a wonderful DVD with breathtaking scenery, which can also be just watched and enjoyed while sitting on the couch. But it makes exercising so much more fun.
Rita, Germany

This is a lovely DVD it is as if you are actually cycling with the Italian Dolomites in the distance. The scenery is exquisite and the sound effects very realistic. Makes cycling on the stationary bike or walking on the treadmill much more interesting.
There are three cycle ride scenes to choose from and each is different and each has nature sounds to make the ride more realistic. I highly recommend this video for your treadmill or your stationary bike ride. It is great for just relaxing, too.
I especially enjoyed the diversification of scenes from the lovely vineyards of Italy to the distant Dolomites.
Professionally filmed with stabilizers in high quality HD with brilliant color and clarity.
Pam Moorman, United States

This DVD starts with a path through vineyards with lush green hills to the sides and hazy blue mountains in the distance. There are beautiful sounds of birds giving me a great calm feeling. Later in the programme there are wooded hillsides with verdant green trees. After a while there is a stream flowing beside the path with the marvellous sounds of the water gurgling down into the valley, this all enhances my enjoyment with this DVD. I really enjoy the difference between the green hills and the different hues and shapes of the mountains with smooth tops covered with ! white clouds on some. Track three is the fastest pace, but I still found it fine to walk. The cycle ride is filmed on a lovely summer's day which gave me a super feeling to work out to. I found it a nice touch to end track 2 at a stop sign at the end of the path. Although this disc says it is a cycle ride I found it suitable to walk too as well.
- Joanne H

"Beautiful ride!"

Great video! Keeps exercise exciting!
-- Patti C.

"I found this to be the best way to keep working out on my exercise bike"

I found this to be the best way to keep working out on my exercise bike... Will soon purchase others as this is my second one. Thanks Ambient
-- Bernice Henson

"Highly recommended"

The virtual cycle DVDs are a brilliant idea! I ride an indoor exercise bike. Sometimes it can get very boring. These DVDs are realistic and make the time go by quickly. You feel like you are there.
-- Rainy Northwest

Review: Virtual Cycle Rides - Italian Tyrol
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