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Title:  Tropical Cascades - 2 Disc Set CHOOSE CURRENCY
Price:   $ 5.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo, Duration - 110 minutes

Tropical Cascades with Sounds of Waterfalls and Jungle Ambiance

Enjoy these gorgeous crystal clear sceneries of tropical waterfalls located in the wonderful island of Bali in Indonesia and other Tropical places around the world.
See these amazing spectacles of nature from up close, from far away and from the air.
The soothing sounds of the water and the surroundings will relax you.

Wait, There's More

Included with this DVD you will get the same set of videos but in Full 4K UHD resolution digital format, which will look fantastic on any 4K TV and on Mobile Devices if when you're on the go.
In the DVD package you will find a card stating the instructions on how to download those great 4K videos.

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Tropical Cascades - 2 Disc Set    

I watched this movie once and I think I think this is a very nice movie. Beautifully filmed & beautiful images of the waterfalls & the nature around it. An ideal atmosphere / relaxation film to enjoy, especially on an evening when you do not want to have other things on your mind.

These two discs are some of the best examples of waterfalls I've ever seen, and I've seen many of them. I love water and waterfalls - I could watch it all day. The photography is extraordinary - crisp, sharp colors with exceptional shots - they keep you glued to the screen if you're a fan of waterfalls as I am. It's hard to choose but my favorite waterfall video on these discs has to be the Zen Waterfall. Also I really appreciate the natural sounds that go along with the videos instead of music. This is another example of the great work of this company. Their nature videos are the best - I've seen other people's DVDs but they are not nearly as good. I can't get over the quality of the work they continuously produce. I love them a LOT!
Carol L

Disc 1
Sit back, relax and enjoy waterfalls from all angles and distances while you listen to the sounds of rushing water and the Bali tropics. The lush green setting of this island may be unmatched by any other place on earth. Its waterfalls vary from gentle trickles down meandering slopes to explosions of water off cliffs hundreds of feet high. As you stop and gaze, you will view these incredible forces of nature in both real time and slow motion. At times, you can feel the spray on your face cooling you from the warm island sun. Some of the water plunges in to tantalizing aquamarine pools below...what a great place for a swim! This is an incredibly relaxing video...perfect in any setting where people need respite and relaxation. There are three audio options: ambient sounds only; ambient sounds accompanied by soothing music; relaxing music only. You choose!!

Disc 2
Here you can choose your viewing options: choose which of 4 waterfalls you would like to view, experience some Zen moments, spend time at a tropical pool or, play all! The waterfall segments are 10 minutes each; the view is stationary and accompanied by ambient sounds. You feel as though you are watching out the window of your tropical island hideaway. Watch the daylight change in waterfall #2 and there are some fun tropical bird calls here. Waterfall #3 plummets off a cliff while the 4th falls over a peaceful rock formation. Segment 5 is 23 minutes of Zen...as the scenes change, the waterfalls, mist, cairns and foliage are accompanied by soothing music. The final waterfall is at a bright tropical pool; you will really want to hop in for a swim. This is a VERY relaxing DVD!

Review: Tropical Cascades - 2 Disc Set
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