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(05-02-2012 22:25) Mike Prestigiacomo, USA: We have 10 DVDs, comprising a total of 14 discs, and have yet to find one that was not well-done and very professional. The photography and editing on these DVDs is truly outstanding. Unfortunately, we could not pick our favorite DVD to recommend, because we like them all for different reasons.

A feature that we like is the ability of watching the DVDs to the accompaniment of either music or nature sounds. Although the music has been carefully selected for the appropriate mood, we tend to like the quiet natural sounds of the environment.

Thanks, Tony and Liz, for taking the stress out of life.
(03-23-2012 21:21) Andy, UK: I bought four of these DVD's (A Day at the Beach, Ocean Serenity, Fitness Journeys - Tropical Palm Trees, Fireplace). The winter one of the log fires I have not watched yet but the summer ones of the beach, ocean scenes and palm trees are an absolute treat. So calm and relaxing you could actually be there. Colours are vivid and sounds soothing. I would recommend to anybody.
(03-04-2012 12:29) Lilias, United Kingdom: Hallo I have now three new DvD,s to add to my last comment. Nature,s windows which gives me much enjoyment to pretend. The views are breathtaking and coupled with the sounds of natureI have a transporting experience. Weekend at the Beach is fabulous, the blue crystal clear water is such a treat. specially when skies are grey and the sea the same colour here where I live..... Thank you for all your great work.
(02-05-2012 00:14) Jennifer, Canada: Beautiful and so relaxing, I like to have running while I am do odd chores around the house, lovely. So crisp and colorful, this would be wonderful for little ones to fall asleep to. I'll be back to check out more I'm sure. And the shipping time was surprisingly fast, thank you for a great product. Price is very reasonable too, I will never have an aquarium or don't get to go snorkeling on reefs so what a treat.
(02-04-2012 14:57) LILIAS , ENGLAND: Hi I have now several of your wonderful DVD,s, My favourite is OCEAN WAVES as I was born and brought up by the sea but now live further away so this is a real treat, so clear I can almost smell the ozone. I have KOI POND, SEA HORSES,JAPANESE GARDEN, RAIN AQUARIUM JUKE BOX AND FIREPLACE JUKE BOX. i have just ordered FOREST. wELL AS YOU SEE IAM ADDICTED I love them all and suit every mood. The photography is first class and I would strongly recomend these to anyone who loves nature. I also got one for my Son who has recently had a back OP and he has said he really has enjoyed keeping still for once!!! Thank you all for a great contribution to enjoyment.
(01-26-2012 18:03) Fann, Belgium: Rain, Refreshing Water, Sitting with the Fish, Fireplace XL, Rainforest Creeks, South American Aquariums, Ambient TV Jukebox 2
I purchased several DVD's for my son. He is 12 and has cerebral palsy. We installed a small beamer and dvd-player in his room to display the wonderful images, sounds and music. He loves it! He's not able to walk, talk or sit but he reacts to the calming movies and looks at them very attentively. And when he's happy and enjoying, i'm too!
(01-19-2012 16:49) Mariano López, España: This images are a fantastic way to create a nice atmosphere at your home, specially when you live in a city where having a fireplace is unusual. The Aquarium´s images and sounds are also perfect to relax and read a book, for example. Good quality and great job of delivering!
(01-15-2012 21:25) May Boswell, Scotland: Love your dvds - especially the fireplace one - takes me back to my childhood. Also like the beach ones - the sound of the waves and the clear turquoise water ............. And those amazingly serene Discus fish. Bought one for a friend who has a stressful job and needs a little help to relax - she very pleased. Thank you.
(01-07-2012 14:15) maurizio sabattini, italia: dvd molto bello e interessante.ha ottenuto commenti molto positivi.è stato regalato ad un amico che lo ha particolarmente apprezzato.grazie per il vostro lavoro e la professionalità con cui lo fate.distinti saluti
maurizio sabattini
(12-26-2011 18:26) Don Covington, United States: Purchased several of the DVD's for treadmills and I can't really find a word or phrase to express how much I am enjoying the experience. I've walked a couple of miles every day for the last couple of decades, but recently had spinal surgery and am now limited to treadmills, which I previously had always found dull and boring. But due to thecircumstances, this is what I'm now limited to. I couldn't believe how easy to was to transition to this mode of exercise until I started watching the DVD's. Now I can walk for miles, enjoying every second of some of the most relaxing scenery one could ever imagine. Thank you so much for making these DVD's available.
(12-16-2011 06:53) Carol Dzurenko, Georgia: Liz and Tony -

What a great job you have making these tranquil videos! I purchased two of them for my Dad for Christmas. He is 81 years old and shut in for the most part. He was a sailor in his younger days and stationed in Hawaii. I know he will enjoy the ocean and island DVD's I ordered for him. I will email you again after Christmas and let you know his comments on them.

Thank you!
(12-14-2011 16:36) Audrey Emberton, England: Hi, I wanted to say thanks very much for dispatching my Fireplace DVD so quickly. We are having a family pre-Christmas get together on Sunday 18th. I ordered the DVD on Sunday 11th December and it arrived today the 14th. It is fantastic and is everything we hoped it would be. It will really give the house a warm atmosphere. Many thanks and Happy Christmas
(12-06-2011 05:46) Judy Tromblee, USA: The dvd Coral Tranquility looks amazing on our 50" tv. We wanted an aquarium theme dvd so that when our tv was off, it would look as though we had an aquarium, instead of a black hole in the wall. The reef and morphing scenes are so artistically photographed. Now we want to buy a fish book to learn more about the fish and other animals that inhabit the reef. What a wonderful and relaxing experience with soothing music as a background. Thank you so very much for all of your creative efforts in producing this restful,educational and exciting dvd with a rainbow of colors .I guess it is obvious we are pleased with our purchase.
(11-18-2011 17:18) Alan Grant, USA: I enjoyed The Living Ocean DVD. I have shot underwater movies and video for 41 years and have been diving in the same areas this video was shot in. The videographer has great talent and technique in setting up the shots. The stability during the pans and sweeps is excellent and the lighting is excellent. My only criticism is in the post production. The colors are way too saturated and in in many shots full of artifacts, particularly in the light fish sides where silver and white turn to chartreuse. I would have loved to see that in BluRay without artifacts! Notwithstanding, the selection of scenes, the dissolves, and the music were perfect. Thank you.
(09-23-2011 18:46) Monique Vautour, Canada: I have just ordered my third DVD (Along the Beach, Coastal scenery and Tropical Palm Trees) to help me through long workouts on the treadmill and/or stationary bike... All I can say is WOW!! what a difference to indoor workouts... I can usually push myself to a longer workout and when the outdoor weather isn't nice, well BONUS. The DVD's are well done, color is excellent, sound effects so real, etc... Job well done to you! I have noticed with the Along the Beach DVD, you even meet 2 people (virtual) walking on the beach in one of the programs... I don't know how possible it is, but it would be motivating to have more of this: virtual people in videos either walking, running, riding a bicycle, etc...
(09-14-2011 09:49) Deirdre Thompson, Australia: Hi everyone, The Aquarium DVD is fantastic, great to come home after work, sit and relax with a glass of wine and watch the fish. If you want more video footage, how about a trip to Australia and our Great Barrier Reef - Awesome!!
(08-26-2011 15:26) Melissa, Vancouver: Just a note to say the videos I purchased were fantastic, awesome, stupendous, colorful, and awe-inspiring, as well as beautifully done. I wish you had a crew going to Indonesia. There are some beautiful coral forests there with over 300 varieties of fish and underwater animals to see. Breathtaking to say the least.
(08-16-2011 16:30) Mary Ingram, USA: I just purchased your "Clouds" DVD. As the kids would say, it is awesome!
I was unsure just what a DVD of clouds would be like. It is purely
mesmerizing. This is a DVD that when I want to take a breather here
and there, I can sit down and be transported into a blissful state.
Life is so hectic these days and DVD's like this help make our lives
easier in every way.
(08-15-2011 17:15) Suzi, USA: I've purchased DVDs with my favorite scenic themes. They are absolutely stunning... Alpine Elements, Underwater Wonders, and A Day at the Beach.
(08-13-2011 03:07) Regina Butler, USA: I absolutely love these dvd's! I have purchased several & I play them all of the time. Most of the ones I have are all natural sounds. They are so relaxing after a stressful day! The quality is great. It's almost like you are sitting right there or looking outside of your window. I know I will continue to purchase more of these dvd's as new ones are made. Thanks again for these wonderful dvd's. Keep up the good work!
(08-12-2011 17:27) Daniella, Austria: The DVDs are wonderful I purchased 3 of them and even got 1 in addition, they are all lovely and filmed in high quality, it is nice to have a choice of sounds and they are all authentic, it is like having all these pleasures directly in your home. The delivery was prompt and worked out very well. Thanks, I will surely come back for more!
(07-01-2011 11:05) Cate Facey, UK: Thanks so much for all your help with my order.
I absolutely love my DVDs. In fact, I thought they were so great, I bought a bigger and better TV to do them justice! After just 5 mins of watching Blue Seas I felt completely relaxed. My lung collapsed last year so I haven’t been able to get out much and I’ve really been missing the sea. It has been fantastic seeing the sea and sunsets again, even if only on DVD. It feels just like being on holiday.
Thank you so much and keep up the good work.
(06-22-2011 10:41) Jane, USA: You're work is incredibly gorgeous! I've bought quite a few DVD's from your Ambient Collection, and each one is so distinctively beautiful. You have such talent & creativity and, combined with your chosen professional equipment, your work is absolutely mesmerizing. Thank you so much for bringing the beauty of the ocean to so many of us who cannot actually be there as we'd wish.
(02-23-2011 07:05) Sharon Mitri, US: i absolutely love my dvds
floweres and butterflies are just gorgious
and i am going to buy more for gifts
and i cant live without my oceans and fireplace either
(02-15-2011 04:49) Judith Nicotra, Capital Eye Consultants, USA: We are a physicians office. We play your fireplace DVD in the winter months and several of the other nature DVD's in our waiting rooms throughout the year. Our patients enjoy the relaxing sounds and beautiful photography displayed in your wonderful DVD's. Thank you!

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