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(09-26-2013 18:27) Colin Wood, UK: There are a good variety of Dvd choices from Seas, Mountains, Streams, Sunset Beaches. Fish. Corals and MORE The Films are in HD and the Quality of the Picture SUPERB. Natural sounds, Background Music or Mute and Play your own Music. All the films are Played with a loop system so that you have NO NEED to keep changing the Discs until you would like a change of Land, Sea or Underwater Scenes etc. Personally I have one on Daily. As a Christmas Gift Ideal. there is a Dvd on Christmas Scenes so enjoy opening your Presents or having your Meal with the Dvd as background. Best Wishes
(09-24-2013 19:23) Colin Wood, UK: I have got 17 of your Dvds and a Triple Box set. Anything you do is ALWAYS SUPERB. I personally like the Dvds to have the Option of background Music. You have helped to calm down my Stress Level. Thank you so much You are one of the UNSUNG HERO'S. I am sure that I am not on my own in saying that. My Prayers & Best Wishes to YOU & ALL THE TEAM.
(09-21-2013 12:22) Dan Carrison, USA: My compliments on your "Cycle Through Nature" DVD. I found the pace to be very accurate; it was a true bicycle pace, as opposed to the DVDs out there, purporting to be bicycle videos, but at motorcycle-speed. I also liked the length of the workouts---about half an hour per scenario. But, on the days when I felt bold, I appreciated the way the "ride" defaults on a "play again" mode, so that I can work out for an hour if I want. Very, very realistic. On the"Coastal Cycling" workout, hearing the seagulls and even an occasional buzzing insect as I rode through the beautiful landscape, I felt as if I was there. I could almost smell the sea air. Keep up the great work!
(08-31-2013 13:54) Gene, Belgium: I've bought the Season's dvds : they are great. I like especially the "ambient collection" . Thank you very much, this is exactly what I need to relax.
(07-29-2013 12:43) Lee Bancroft, united kingdom: DVD arrived today, as you said , a prompt service you have ..... well done.
(07-23-2013 20:07) Criss Brown, USA: I just thought of another one you might want to create. Watching a rain storm from a wooden porch bench, swing, chair, in a country setting.
(07-23-2013 20:03) Criss Brown, USA: I throughly love the DVDs I have bought from you. Have you ever considered making Various storm videos eg, tornados, hurricanes, rainstorms thunderstorms? Also, driving down country roads, driving PCH along various portions of the California coast,wild horses, wild buffalos, deer. Just suggestions. Thanks again for the great DVDs you have created.
(07-19-2013 18:23) Deborah reilman, USA: I am the Activity Director in a skilled nursing facility. I purchased the FIREWORKS DVD to supplement the sensory stimulation of our low-functioning group during the week of Independence day. My staff also very much enjoyed the stunning displays--almost "like being right there".
(07-04-2013 14:11) Hope Floyd , USA: I purchased 2 of your dvd's (Mangrove River Journey & Jungle River Journey). Let me start off saying that I've searched high & low on the Internet to find these DVDs until I came across "World of Nature" videos. I was so happy that they had what I've been searching for for months. This DVD is as real as it gets.. It's realistic nature sounds & realistic boat ride is simply " genius ". Every morning & before bedtime, this DVD must be played. It helps heal the mind & soul. I thank the genius who filmed this. You have a commited customer. Keep them coming!!
(07-01-2013 23:30) Sheri in Texas, USA: Over the past 6 months I have purchased 4 of the "Fireplace and Aquarium" DVD's. When I have guests, they just love this DVD and I wind up giving them mine and purchasing another. I have done this three times! I hope I will be able to keep this one! The Aquarium is so relaxing as is the Fireplace, and there are two options to choose from in each catagory. I Love this DVD! Thank you for a great product!
(06-22-2013 16:38) Nathalie mooij, the netherlands: I purchased the dvd of an aquarium.And the images are amazing. It really is having a fishtank, without the hassle of cleaning it. It is really relaxing. Thanks for making this dvd.
(05-31-2013 17:39) Helen Newton, USA: May 2013 To Tony Helsloot - We recently purchased the Holland Tulip DVD for our lobby. It is soothing, delightful to the eyes and very appropriate as we are a Dutch company, owned by Philips Netherlands. The built-in TV has ambient lighting which enhances the tulips!! Thank you for a great product. We are sure to purchase more for our lobby.
(05-25-2013 00:11) Dominique Payment, Canada: I am so excited about these DVDs. I've purchased 3 of them for my son who is 7 and Autistic. These soft nature sounds in the background of some pretty amazing scenes encourages my son to stay calm and relaxed. It has even given him the opportunity to sit still and stay focused while watching them with my 7 month old son who is also fascinated with these DVDs. They spend more time bonding while watching these and this is very encouraging to us. Thank you for putting together this amazing compilation of soothing and therapeutic collections of DVDs.
(04-28-2013 15:55) Mary D Jenkins, U.K.: I thankyou for your trouble and sending me another DVD when one was lost in the post..they are delightful and have bought several now..have also recommended them to various friends who love them just as much as I do.
(04-08-2013 16:25) Carolyn, USA: I purchased Flowers of Holland. WOWSER! Absolutely beautiful. The photography, choices of scenes and accompanying music are perfect. I also purchased Spring, Summer, and Fall, but have not seen them yet. They will all be used near a nurses station at a nursing home as residents gather there prior to meals. I am anxious to see the other DVDs, but want to correlate them with the current season to help with orientation. Thank you so much. I believe my next purchase will be for exercise on my treadmill.
(04-08-2013 00:01) Betty, USA: We purchased the tropical fish acquarium DVD. The photography is simply stunning and so soothing/relaxing. Our big black box is now a work of art! Thank you for producing such fine videos. Hope to purchase more....
(01-27-2013 10:49) Miroslav, Slovakia: Hi, finally, I have found the fireplace with really good sound. Thx.
(01-18-2013 01:41) paul smith, US: I bought the "Rain" DVD and I love it. It does just what I be soothed and pampered and ultimately....knocked out.
(01-15-2013 15:59) mr j b smith, united kingdom: received dvd tuesday morning great sevice also great dvd with excellant sound and picture quality alsoexcellant web site will use again thanks again j b s
(01-10-2013 13:24) Joachim Weiss, Germany: It was a pleasure to have a fireplace in our room during christmas.
The DVD becomes the one which was put in the most.
Thanks for your work.
(11-13-2012 22:20) Line Eschauzier, France: Hello,
I am a trainer specialising in Comfort Rooms and communication with people with disabilities and Alzheimer's. I recommend your DVDs as I find them both beautiful and relaxing. They provide a great support for patients.
Congratulations on the quality of your work.
Je suis formatrice spécialisée en snoezelen et en communication auprès des personnes handicapées et des personnes âgées Alzheimer. Je propose vos dvd car je les trouve à la fois magnifiques et relaxants. Ils sont un bon support d'échanges avec les malades.
Encore bravo pour la qualité de votre travail.
(10-24-2012 15:26) Denise B, USA: I purchased a "Day at the Beach". It is just stunning. I live in the mid-west and long to live near the sea. I love the sound too, it is excellent quality. I enjoy just relaxing with my video. This video allows me to be near the ocean even when there is snow on the ground.
(09-07-2012 22:27) Michelle, USA: We recently purchased several of the Nature DVD's (Tropical Scenery, Through the Mountains, Along the Beach and Coastal Scenery) to use with our treadmill workouts. We hung a 32" tv on the wall directly in front of the treadmill and it makes the time exercising go by with a breeze. I love "walking/running" through the Villages on the Tropical Scenery (among others) as there is always something new to see. Watch for the Villagers who wave to might just find yourself waving back! We also purchased the dual Aquarium/Fireplace DVD. Very relaxing and perfect for backgound ambiance when we have company or just the two of us with a glass of wine or two!! Highly won't be disappointed.
(05-14-2012 18:07) Mary Ingram, U.S.: I love your videos. They are the most beautiful anywhere. The photography is out of this world. I thought "Clouds" was my number 1 favorite but now it's running alongside "Blue Seas". "Lotus Pond" is lovely especially for meditation. I put them on each day when I get up in the morning and it is so comforting just to glance at them off and on but sometimes I will see a scene that I have to sit down to absorb it is so beautiful. At night if I can't sleep I put on, "Blue Seas" and with the ocean waves tossing about, I can go into dreamland in no time. In this hectic world we all have to live in, we can break free once in a while and with your videos go into a world sublime.

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