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(10-17-2007 16:59) Kevin Dyke, UK: Fireplace and Freshwater aquarium, EXCELLENT it really is like the real thing. my daughter spends most of the time in her bedroom on the laptop but always says she misses the open fire downstairs, her tv is on the wall the effect is brilliant.
many thanks
(09-08-2007 22:03) Ros Bell, England, UK: THANK YOU for your wonderful "Ultimate Nature Collection". At last, a nature relaxation video without irritating music - just natural sounds, fabulous scenery & glorious photography. I bought the box set & adored them so much I've just ordered the fireplace & freshwater aquarium ones as well. HOORAY! Ros.x
(08-07-2007 20:42) Michelle, USA: I purchased the nature videos to play in our waiting rooms at our Imaging facility. The patients love the music and the georgous scenery! We will be updating all of our TV's to play DVD's instead of having talk shows and sport channnels on during the day. I love your work and will reccomend it to staff and patients.
(07-13-2007 18:45) Nancy, USA: The visual pictures are awesome. The grandkids love the fireworks, we love the quiet beach and wave scenes and during the day all of us enjoy the fish. Do you have any winter scenes of snow? Thanks so much for your company effort...the videos are everything we excpected and hoped for.
(07-01-2007 20:31) Jerry Kolling, USA: Recently purchased Coral Tranquilities. Excellent! Outstanding camera work and editing. Great picture definition and color playing it with an "up-convert" DVD player on a 52'' H/D Sony TV. The music really enhanced the mood. Overall, much better than the others I've seen. Very enjoyable.
(06-18-2007 19:16) Sister Eileen, USA: I am from the United States and have just received and viewed "The Flow of Nature". I intend on using it on our Alzheimer's Unit with the residents that are restless. I think this will be very beneficial. I like the music that correlates with the scenes. Thank You
(06-05-2007 19:52) Steve & Sue, USA: We are temporarily living in a rental unit without a fireplace. Having your widescreen fireplace DVD is the next best thing! We really enjoy the ambience it provides.
(06-05-2007 17:57) Dr P. Culver, SC, USA: Hi folks. I love the videos (combo aquarium/fireplace). All my company at my lakehouse loved them! Great quality video and large selection of different fires/aquariums. Can't wait until it gets cold here so we can sit in front of the no-mess "fire"!! Thanks again for quick shipping on a quality product.
(05-29-2007 20:19) Nora Armes, USA: I live in the United States and ordered a DVD for a meeting we are having this week in Dublin. I am so impressed with the excellent customer service provided by Liz Jones, Isis Visuals. She made an extra effort to ensure that the DVD would arrive at the hotel. I truly appreciate that she took the liberty to call the hotel and made arragements for the delivery.

Great customer service!!
(05-17-2007 09:16) Phil, U.K.: Received my fireplace jukebox dvd after just two days,excellent clear picture and so relaxing!Provides the perfect backdrop when having friends around.Excellent service!
(05-17-2007 00:51) Phil White, UK: Fast delivery and nice communication.
(05-16-2007 21:53) Airyn, Scotland: Customer service that is second to none, prompt and friendly service even with the most difficult of customers such as myself, i would highly reccomend them as a company worth buying from. Thank you Isis for your help.
(05-14-2007 16:57) Paul Knight, England: thank you for a great dvd will buy from you again. Thanks Paul
(05-14-2007 00:08) Karen, United States: Received the DVD order. These are Great! I'll be back to order some more.
(05-11-2007 15:43) Ann, U.K.: Excellent service and (Fireplace) DVD. Thanks.
(05-07-2007 10:20) Margaret Phillips, U.S.A.: Thank you for my Ambient TV Jukebox DVD - I love it! I was playing it when of my retired friends came in and said "I just got to have one of those for when I'm knitting" so I would like to order another one for her please...
(05-07-2007 10:18) Gaetan, France: I would like to thank you for the very fast shipment of my order. I also apreciated the human like delivery which make me think of a real human to human (seller to customer) transaction and not automated stereotyped answers.

I enjoy the DVDs and just need to invite more friend now to really have the opportunity to create and great background ambience.
(05-03-2007 20:05) M A Wood, U.K.: Just received DVD. Thank you for your prompt communications and delivery.
(05-02-2007 11:44) Sascha, Germany: Hi Liz,

The DVD is coming today so my Party can Start. Thank you for the nice consumerservice.
(04-30-2007 10:02) Jim, United States: Your products are FABULOUS. I found your overseas website, and was quite familiar with your DVDs because your company is one of the FEW companies that allows prospective customers to see a snippit of the product. THAT was what sold me, not the reviews. I hope you guys make buckets of money, so that you will find and sell more of these DVDs.
(04-27-2007 14:49) Frank, Belgium: Great product. Is exactly what I expected. Delivery within 2 days to Belgium. Perfect. I recommend it to everyone. (Fireplace and Freshwater Aquarium)
(04-20-2007 10:29) Hazel, England: Bought Ambient jukebox dvd, a selection of different themes. Its great, as i can choose the best for the mood i'm in. The waves on the beach is my favourite, so relaxing, and mesmorising. The crackling fireplace is perfect for background ambience, but my kids choice is definately the fish tanks. I'v found it perfect in the background when doing massage, yoga, or just for chilling out.
(04-18-2007 10:42) Jeanne Ricks, U.S.A.: Hey!! Guess what arrived today......
Winter is wonderful!! You guys are amazing. You love what you do and it shows. The sun against the cliffs. I mean you found gold in wintertime!! Gorgeous!!!
And yes - even Winter was calming in its affect.
(03-30-2007 11:39) Charles Hamilton, England: Thank you for the dvd of fire places I found it was very good and thought it was a lovely idea to sit and watch.
(02-22-2007 10:16) Mrs Auchterlonie, England: I bought the lagoon dvd for my 6yr old son who has autism. He loves anything to do with water so it is a perfect tool to calm him down when he is over-stimulated. It arrived promptly and in good condition. Thanks.

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