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(02-18-2007 14:25) Jeroen, The Netherlands: I really enjoyed the DVD's of aquariums and waves. Very restful.
(02-18-2007 14:22) Jeanne Ricks, U.S.A.: Hi Liz,
My father was as taken with the beauty you and Tony have captured as I am. Not at all surprising. The ways in which you have almost seamlessly edited together these amazing vistas - who wouldn't be impressed. His favorite is 'Flow'.
(02-18-2007 14:16) Carol, U.S.A.: My daughter and I just watched most of the Coral Sea dreaming tape and it's spectacular! Theres things on that dvd that i've never seen before. I cried it was so beautiful. Must've been some fun filming it. Whoever dived managed to film so many different varieties and the colors!, too beautiful to describe. People just have to see it to appreciate what is there. I want to get a dvd for my other daughter. I know she could very well be awestruck. Thanks to you and those who worked hard to film the way they did so that every scene was breathtaking. I'm going to recommend this film as a "must have" for a persons video library.
Grateful to God first for giving us these magnificents to see and to you for going to such lengths to share them with us through camera.
(02-04-2007 12:59) Graham, England: Thanks for the prompt service (Fireworks DVD) arrived safely today.

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