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(12-06-2008 16:43) Mary, USA: 12/04/08 Received my Fireplace DVD today. I couldn't wait to play it, I loved it very much.I found it very soothing and relaxing. I just picked a theme and played the music with it and just kicked back and relaxed. Than k you so much Tony for this wonderful DVD, it made me feel warm and cozy all over!

Happy Holidays to you!
(12-05-2008 05:24) Robert Latzer, Canada: To Liz Jones. I received your Fireplace XL DVD that you kindly sent me. Wow. Thank you so much. What a great, great DVD. I've got in on all the time. It blows other's away.
(12-03-2008 13:49) Brian Spall, USA: Received Fireplace DVD today and was able to play it. I LOVE IT'. Thanks so much for helping me - its much appreciated.

Thanks again - have a good Christmas.
(11-25-2008 12:41) Nan Sprouse, USA: We are using the DVD at our new women's wellness center and it is truly beautiful. Helps us all to de-stress and enjoy nature!
Nan Sprouse, FNP
Seasons of Farragut
Restorative Healthcare for Women
(11-13-2008 23:24) Jennifer, USA: This wonderful company has been generous enough to donate 2 of their videos to a dying child who loves to watch relaxing nature shows. This will make his last days here much more enjoyable.

Thank you so much!
(11-10-2008 10:15) Nan Sprouse, usa: We are using the DVD at our new women's wellness center and it is truly beautiful. Helps us all to de-stress and enjoy nature!
Nan Sprouse, FNP
Seasons of Farragut
Restorative Healthcare for Women
(11-07-2008 23:45) Mike Pearson, UK: I've just bought the Alpine Collection from you - really pleased with the varying perspectives and clarity. Really great photography.
Thanks again for your great DVDs.
(10-23-2008 18:53) Todd Wylie, USA: Our patients LOVE your DVD's! Coral Tranquility and Cascades are so beautiful and relaxing. A number of patients have commented how they have so enjoyed resting for a few moments while soaking in the beautiful colors and sounds.
Your DVD's have really been a great addition in adding a special feel to the office. Thank you! Todd Wylie, OD,FCOVD Advanced Eyecare & Optical, Spokane, WA
(10-22-2008 23:05) Gailla Deiters, USA: Thank you so much for the beautiful videos. I finally found the type of videos I was looking for in my therapy office. My clients love the videos. I especially like Flowers of Holland and Water Melodies, but with the 10 that I purchased, I can always find one that fits the mood I'm in. You have done a wonderful job!!!
(10-17-2008 00:50) Erik Lehman, USA: Thank you so much for Canyon Rivers Video! While growing up in Montana and taking these beautiful nature surroundings for granted (you never know how lucky you are until you leave) I was forced to move away for school and work. I was beginning to go a little stir crazy after 6 years separated from the Montana I grew up in. Your videos bring a bit of hope and sanity in my hectic city life. I will be returning to Montana in a few years and with your videos I am inspired to succeed (study) and get on with it. I cannot thank you enough. Never forget how lucky you are to witness this beauty.
(10-14-2008 18:11) Pauline Brodeur, U.S.A.: So happy I found this website. The DVD'S are fabulous. Everyone loves them as I play them when entertaining. Will be buying more for myself and for Christmas giving. Couldn't beleive how fast the delivery was. Very very happy with the HD. Can't say enough good things about them.
Thank you.
(10-02-2008 23:24) Chris Dietz, USA: I just received my beach collection and LOVE it! After living 17 years on Maui, I had to move back to Iowa (of all places) to help family. I miss the beach so bad so decided to try these videos. They are amazing and I am so happy I got them. Thank you!!
(10-01-2008 17:16) Kelli Hesch, Canada: I was thrilled that my DVD's arrived so quickly! I bought the Ultimate Nature Collection and it is AMAZING!! Thank you!
(09-22-2008 16:14) Denise Young, USA: The photography, producing, and directing is unbelievable beautiful and capture nature's true spirit ! And I really appreciate that . I love the filming and transitioning
from scene to scene too! You and Liz do wonderful work!

(I live in a sort of fast paced town, which I feel the need to escape sometimes, and the dvd's really helped me to do that within seconds of viewing!)
(08-11-2008 20:28) Don Aerts, USA: Forest Seasons and Flamingos & Waterbirds DVDs were great. Thank you!
(08-07-2008 16:04) H. C. Salerno, Florida,USA: Speedy delivery!!! Item was received within 7 days from ordering and it was sent from out of the country. Video is awesome it plays all day in a healthcare facility with rave reviews from everyone. Will definitely purchase additional dvds in the future!!!

(08-07-2008 16:03) Kathy Long, USA: Will only buy nature videos from this seller, very high quality & artistically done.

(04-17-2008 22:02) Jen, Canada: I absolutely LOVE the DVDs! It adds that much more of a relaxing element to our spa. My favourite DVD is "tropical waves". It make it feel like I'm on the beaches of the caribbean. Thank you so much!
(04-11-2008 18:57) Patricia Ciluffo, Michigan, USA: I have several of your DVD videos and was impressed by the beauty and skill of your photographers and music. The DVDs have helped tremendously with my anxiety attacks and I leave them on when company visits for a relaxing background. They have even helped my colicky grandson to relax and sleep. I will not hesitate to purchase again.
Thank you.
Patti C
(04-08-2008 23:23) Steve Pugliese, USA: We love your DVD's they are very relaxing at work, makes you feel like you are in a concert hall and on the beach.
(04-08-2008 11:19) Jennifer Freeman, Australia: The film I have seen on your website of the flowers is truly beautiful. So well done and thank you for creating such great DVDs
(12-02-2007 16:49) Ronald L. Vinal, USA: We purchased 5 from you on several occasions. The first Fireplace TV Jukebox was popular with everyone, those who walked by our condo door thought we had a real fireplace, we showed them the video. We purchased more for gifts. Love the HD look, your fast delivery. Great job, will be buying more. Ronald Lockliear Vinal, CHT author of: Journey's to the 10th Dimension (Dynamics of the Spirit World)
(11-19-2007 22:15) Carol, usa: Before I order it would be nice to see a small sample. -Sellers response: If you click on a DVD you can see more information and video previews of all our DVD's.
(11-15-2007 18:37) A Raspier, Canada: Arrived well packaged and quickly. Wonderful dvds. Can almost smell the smoke when playing the Fireplaces Jukebox. The Lagoon dvd is cats keep trying to find the birds...they can hear them but can't see them...its great. Tropical Waves just makes me want to see Thailand all the more now and the Ambient Jukebox is a great collection. Thanks so much.
(10-27-2007 09:31) Betty, U.S.A.: I got The Flow of Nature DVD today. It is beautiful. I will soon be ordering more.
Thank you again for making something so beautiful.

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