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(04-17-2015 18:05) Charlene, United States: I just now ordered 4 more of your DVDs. I already have 3 and they are WONDERFUL! Most of us don't have the opportunity to film like this, so I am ever so grateful that you can provide these for us. We just recently acquired a large screen TV. Viewing them on it is almost like being there in person - so very relaxing and soothing. THANK YOU!
(04-05-2015 20:06) Chris heuijerjans, Nederland: Hello, just wanted to express my joy about discovering ' jungle river journey' its exactly what i was hoping to find one day and there it was, so relaxing and beautiful scenery i've been waiting for such a film for whole hour of nature bliss, thanks and job well done!!!
And by the way also love the tredmill video walking thru the jungle, cant wait whats next! Kind regards chris h.
(01-12-2015 00:58) Mark Yahner, United States of America: These DVD'S are REALLY GREAT and LIFE-LIKE! I've had many compliments on how real they look in my Virtual Aquarium. IF THERE ARE ANY PROBLEMS WITH DELIVERY. THESE PEOPLE WILL HANG RIGHT IN THERE WITH YOU! THIS IS ONE great COMPANY, SELLING ONE A BUNCH OF great DVD'S! THANX AGAIN TONY! WE ARE WAITING FOR YOUR NEW EDITIONS!
(12-15-2014 20:13) Riky v.d.sanden, Nederland: Geweldige d.v.d.'s , ik werk met/ouderen
en iedereen geniet van deze mooie natuurfilms
en de mooie muziek!thanks
(12-10-2014 05:13) Linda Caponigro, USA: I own Through the Forest 2, and I just purchased Cycling Through Nature. They are phenomenal pieces of videography. Beautifully photographed, you really feel like you are there. I like the cycling video, as I enjoy brisk walking on a treadmill when I can't be outdoors. The scenery is mesmerizing, as you get "lost" in your walk and the nature sounds add a delightful touch. A very good value for your money, you will experience sights you may never get to see in person, from exotic locales all around the world. Treat yourself to one of these superior videos and enjoy your exercise experience to the max!
(12-07-2014 06:41) Olivia BuffingtonI, :

I am 70 years old and have always wanted a fireplace - especially after I married 52 years ago. My husband's answer - "You've never had to cut wood".


Anyway, I found your "Fireplace TV Jukebox DVD" on Amazon this past Saturday and felt it would satisfy my desire to have a fireplace. By the way, I never order anything online, but couldn't resist this. It came today and I LOVE IT!! I bought a new big screen TV several months ago, but kept the old TV (because of the pretty cabinet). I just sat the new TV on top of the old one. Now, I can hook my DVD Player up to the old TV and have my own fireplace while watching TV. 


In the meantime, I put the DVD on my computer so I could watch it while cooking lunch - WOW. My son came for lunch and was thrilled that I had the fireplace I had always wanted. My husband passed away 11 years ago but I'm sure he would be thrilled as well that I had my fireplace and he wouldn't even have to cut wood! My son said it made the house seem warmer just seeing the flames and listening to the crackling fire. 


I'll probably be ordering another one soon 'cause I'll have this one worn out. I played it for five hours straight - just turned it off to send you this Email.


Thank you so-o-o much for making an old lady's dream come true!!!!

(11-28-2014 15:06) Linda Miller, United States: My Autistic grandson loves your DVD's, he actually asked for more for Christmas this year. They are very well put together and very relaxing.
(11-26-2014 20:50) Chris A., USA: Through the Forest 2 is now my favorite running DVD. When weather permits I prefer running on real back country dirt roads for the scenery and it is easier on feet and never before had a dirt road DVD for treadmill running during bad weather. Good job guys! Really like it!
(10-26-2014 21:29) Emmy, CA USA: Jungle River Journeys; Through the Rainforest, Rain and Wave
These four DVDs are superb, exactly as advertised, very fast delivery. Amazing de-stressors and highly recommended, great value. Thank you!
(10-09-2014 19:05) Liz Z, USA: I've just purchased eight different "sets" of Virtual Walk scenery and I can't be more pleased with the service of this company and the stunning views of every download I have seen. I did choose the download option for my purposes. The downloads are HD and very clear and sharp on all of the electronics where I have viewed them. I own smart tv's, tablets, and smart blu ray players. All of these shows the clarity and beauty of all the scenery. Tony Helsloot is very passionate about his business and it shows in his customer service and his work. I look forward to many more exotic and beautiful places to travel. Thank you so much for making this possible. Trust this seller. He will not disappoint you!
(07-22-2014 05:16) Martin W., USA: Martin W, California: Having purchased more than 25 World Nature DVDs over the last two years, I have enjoyed a cornucopia of visual and audio pleasure from around the world. Since I am spend most of my working day and night at my computer, I look forward to being transported to the depths of the ocean, tops of the highest mountains and cloud formations, bottom of the low lying deserts, flowing of the many rivers and streams or viewing a pallet of ever changing colors in the majestic forests and other venues. These DVDs serve as a tremendous source of inspiration, relaxation or just plain invigoration. They are an integral part of my day when the need to look up from my work or during a conversation on the phone is called for so I can downshift into 5th gear or even neutral. Tony, thanks for letting me enjoy the beauty and wonders of the world outside my office at the same time I am working inside the confines of my office.
(06-09-2014 18:21) Raes Rebecca, België: I like your website and your great video's.
(03-28-2014 11:55) A. VDKhove, BE: DVD voldoet volledig aan de verwachtingen. Prima beeldkwaliteit en mooie aquariumbeelden. Vlotte en snelle levering.
(12-30-2013 23:16) W Olson, USA: Really enjoying the great variety of nature DVDs your company is putting out...they're being used with a parent who has mid-stage dementia (probably Alzheimers), he finds them relaxing & soothing when he is agitated or when he sun-downs (in the afternoons and early evenings dementia & Alzheimers patients sometimes engage in distressing behaviors...they're difficult to manage for those few hours but your videos offer a calming welcome distraction). The household cats (who act as informal pet therapy for the demented parent) also like to hang out close to the TV set when these videos are on (sometimes they watch them, sometimes they just catnap to them). The household is a more peaceful place thanks to your DVDs and they are great for promoting relaxed family togetherness.

Would love to see DVDs with songbirds & also with wild backyard-type birds and in rural/farm settings in the USA. I especially like the videos with either natural sounds or set to classical music (the modern/synthesizer music is okay, but as the parent with suspected Alzheimers is a life-long classical music fan he likes things like the fireworks displays set to a Strauss waltz or winter scenes accompanied by Vivaldi). Please keep up the great work and I hope 2014 is a prosperous new year for you!
(12-19-2013 12:23) R. Verbon, the netherlands: Never thought I would be so happy with a fireplace DVD, but I am. I like the crackling sounds of the wood and even feel a bit warmer, when staring into the flames.
thank you!
(11-25-2013 16:30) guest, USA: The Ocean Waves DVD is fantastic, immacutely produced! Very pleased with ISIS visual's products. Highly recommended!
(11-08-2013 18:00) Dan Carrison, United States: My review of Singapore Boardwalks and Rainforests.

Another great treadmill excursion into a tropical paradise from the folks at Virtual Walks. The scenery is so lush, it’s a wonder the cameraman didn’t stop to smell the flowers! So this DVD has the added benefit of a mentally relaxing experience while exercising. Just what I need after a crazy day at the office. There are three scenery choices—each of them fitting the mood you may be in: 1) walk or jog by the sea, 2) or in a green wonderland of a rain forest, 3) or by a lake bordered by lush foliage. Birds and monkeys, and even a lizard here and there, make your workout as real as it gets. But no mosquitoes because you’re on your treadmill!

Los Angeles
(10-29-2013 18:55) Dan Carrison, United States: My review of Hong Kong virtual walks.

This is a leisurely paced walk for the treadmill; it's almost at the "holding hands" pace, when you walk along the boardwalk with your loved one. Only, in this case you are walking with your loved one in Hong Kong. The people you pass are friendly and wave or nod at you. I found myself nodding back as I walked by. Even though this all takes place in an urban setting, it's not over-crowded or claustrophobic; you are aware of the friendly city dwellers around you, but you don't feel "pushed" or prodded. The night scenes are fantastic with the city lights. Overall, a very pleasant walking video.

Los Angeles
(10-23-2013 23:57) Dan Carrison, United States: My review of Singapore Coastal Parks

Isn't Singapore the place where they throw you in jail for littering? Now I know why! The parks are beautiful--and endless. The nice thing about this DVD is that the routes also take you beneath the most innovative, space-age architecture you've ever seen.

The camera work is so High Def that it's almost 3-D; I found myself ducking beneath the tree branches. The pace is perfect for either the treadmill or the spin bike. For much of the journey, there is a nice wide open path in front of you, with tranquil water on the left, and flowers and grassy spaces on the right. So you have a choice: 1) you can walk or pedal at a leisurely pace, while watching the water or the flowers, or 2) you can kick it into high gear and concentrate on the road in front of you, going as fast as you can. I tried it both ways, and it works!

Another great DVD from the folks at Virtual Walks.

Los Angeles
(10-15-2013 16:43) Dan Carrison, United States: My review of Alpine Mountain Gorges.

I wanted to yodel!

I really enjoyed this video, for a number of reasons.

First: the pace: I found it perfect for the treadmill and for my spin bike.

Secondly, the scenery: it was breathtaking. After the workout, you feel as if you've "been somewhere."

Third, the production values: this video is a work of love. You can tell the producers really cared about the workout experience. I also like the fact that you have a choice of letting a 30 min. workout "repeat" after 30 min. has been reached--OR, you can choose another couple of workouts with new, equally breathtaking, scenery.

All in all, a great value for the money. Have fun with it!
(10-15-2013 16:38) Dan Carrison, United States: My review of Singapore Skyline:

I'm really happy with this DVD excursion. Sometimes I want a change of pace. Yes, I love mountain vistas and river gorges, but sometimes I long for the energy of an urban walk, where I can see a beautiful city skyline, and people walking by. The occasional beautiful girl doesn't hurt, either. This Singapore Skyline walk makes me feel as if I'm vacationing! The pace is good for a brisk walk on the treadmill, or a leisurely ride on your spin bike, along the boardwalks and boulevards of beautiful Singapore. It's a great workout and a lot cheaper than a plane ticket to this exotic locale. My compliments to Virtual Walks for offering energetic "urban walks" along with their nature-walk DVDs; it's a great change of pace, and much more social for those days when you want a little "company" on your workout.

Los Angeles
(10-15-2013 16:37) Dan Carrison, United States: My review of Paradise Beaches:

Another excellent video from the folks at Virtual Walks---this time at the water's edge. The ocean on your left, palm trees on the right, and a vast, clean beach in front of you that all your's. I would say this is a "treadmill" DVD; it's hard for me to imagine riding a bike through the water lapping at my feet. The pace is for walking, as well. What makes it so wonderful is the sight and sound of the blue Pacific washing gently right up to you. You are walking at the high tide mark, at the edge of the wet sand. There's something hypnotic--and mind-clearing--about the sound of the waves. All my problems seem washed away by the action of the gentle surf. So I get a workout and a meditative experience at the same time!

Los Angeles
(10-03-2013 00:52) Dr. Yvonne Maurer, M.D. and psychotherapist IKP, Zurique, Switzerland: Blue Seas is a wonderful DVD! While watching the video I noticed after a short period of time that my breathing had began to deepen and I sensed a peaceful calmness inside me. A condition of „Eutonie“. I am very grateful that you do such valuable productions on a idealistic basis and wish you good luck and success for the future. Since I am really elated about your DVD I therefore consider to include a clipping of 1-3 minutes in my TV show (self-help and spirituality) which is displayed on a local swiss TV station. During the broadcasting I would ensure that the name of your website will be faded in so that my audience will know where to order the DVD. This might bring you some more customers. I hope that this kind of free promotion in a German speaking area suits you. Kind regards, Dr. Yvonne Maurer, M.D. and psychotherapist IKP, Zurique
(09-28-2013 23:04) Beverly Sala, United States: I have had a great experience with my transaction at ISIS. I had several questions and concerns and Tony answered them all. His business ethics are excellent and I thank him.
(09-26-2013 18:35) Barbara and Kirk, Australia: We recently purchased the Sunset Moods and Tropical Freshwater Aquarium DVDs from ISIS. Absolutely fantastic! Both have excellent video quality, offer multiple scene options and the option of beautiful relaxing music or true nature background sounds. The Tropical Aquarium is so realistic it genuinely looks like we have an aquarium in our wall but without the hassle of actually looking after the fish. The Sunset Moods allows you to watch some of the mos beautiful sunsets without even leaving you couch! We find them a fantastic way to relax at the end of the day.

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